The Understanding of the Mind and the Works

The Understanding of the Mind and the Works

We cannot understand the mind and transcend it unless we first experience it. Entering a state of concentration, the mind itself will observe itself. There will therefore be two minds, one observing (our true nature) and the other being observed (the one to be analyzed).

Mental conditioning and how to get rid of it

Sooner or later, during the mysterious path of human experience, everyone will wonder with absolute innocence what the mind is. History shows us that the mind has been repeatedly enlightened and therefore known; 2e2bcb7 sectioned to the smallest part, it has been so much observed and analyzed to the point of rendering it unusable, empty, without any function. We cannot understand the mind and transcend it if we do not first experience it directly: the process of discovering the mind is a path that every single human being must take alone.

The First Thing

First of all to learn to observe we need concentration, to make the mind focused. In this case it will be the mind itself that will begin to observe itself with spontaneity. We are therefore faced with a double reality composed of two single minds, one that observes and the other that is observed; the mind that observes is our true nature, the one observed is the mind that we must analyze, dissect, dissolve.

Once we have dissolved what is commonly called scientific mind in scientific matter, then we can experience the great mind.

Deep down in conscious observation it can happen that an intuition suddenly attacks us. The latter wants to bring us to the awareness of something unknown to us, something that can manifest itself precisely through a profound intuition. If there is one part that observes and the other that is observed, which of the two parts can be called “I”? It is clear that the moment we experience it, the part that is observed is definitely what we feel to be identified with, but the part that observes, that indefinite and formless space, how can we define it? What is that?

Reaching this level of observation is a goal that heralds the discovery of a hidden universe, the universe of the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind

Unlike what one may think, the unconscious mind is absolutely conscious. It supervises all those that are the functionalities of our body system and does so at a speed that makes us unconscious. Now with the supports of mindfulness the understanding of the same is coming to the general people.

The part of the mind that controls and manifests on the surface those that we can observe in the form of sensations, is linked to a deep root. This root takes nourishment from humus made up of conflicting but also pleasant experiences and a psychological repressed. These are formed through a spontaneous and underground process, because they can be observed only by means of hard concentration training; a four-step process that outlines the four main aspects of the mind.

The unconscious mind is therefore a tangle of experiences that we have digested or removed through the same mechanism of sensory perception; the whole of this “substance” manifests itself on the surface and in the body activity giving life to what we call “character”. The character is visible mainly through the physical structure and interfaces with the gestural and vocal expression. Joined together these forms are nothing but a set of conditioning.

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