Different types of yoga styles for your yoga classes

Different types of yoga styles for your yoga classes

Once you have decided to start the yoga classes you should know that there are different types of styles which you have to teach your students. You have to become a pro yoga instructor who can handle different types of clients very easily. People will only get attracted to your classes if you offer several types of yoga services. In Chicago, you have to be very dedicated for giving yoga classes.

Here are few yoga techniques that you can use for your class-

Hatha yoga Yoga classes Chicago offer the best hatha yoga style in the town. This style is all about slow moving and holding the poses for a while. This technique is best for the new comers in your class, who have just started doing yoga.

Vinyasa yoga – this style requires dynamic skills, and perfect breath control. It is suitable for intense people who love exercise. This yoga style can be done by using soft musical background.

Iyengar yoga – you need a blanket or wall support to teach this type of style. It can be used for those who are suffering from long term injuries.

Ashtanga yoga – it is the most challenging approach in yoga style. Your body has to be very flexible and dedicated if you are willing to do this type of style. You need to be a certified yoga instructor if you are willing to teach this service.

How to attract different customers?

You can give free trail classes to different people and tell them about the benefits of yoga in long term. Make sure that you give big discounts to first customers, if you are giving them free tip after the class, it will keep them involved in the class.

Make sure you give special discounts to old age people and college students. This will help in attracting a lot of youth.

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