Lower Blepharoplasty, is it effective?

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The lower eyelid refers to a mobile skin membrane that covers the orbicular globe. By falling back on the eye with each blink, it can protect it from external aggressions, light and clean the surface. The eyelids also help maintain good hydration of the cornea.

The lower blepharoplasty can rectify, symmetrize or rejuvenate a look by carefully removing excess skin or fat, or by repositioning the orbicularis muscle.

Benefits Of Lower Blepharoplasty

The ageing of the face causes melting of the volumes and the appearance of an excess of skin at the level of the eyelids. The operative technique is to remove this cluster.

Lower eyelid surgery involves making an incision in the ciliary margin (flush with the eyelashes) or in the conjunctiva to avoid any risk of visible scarring.

Most often, a problem of bags under the eyes, whether hereditary or naturally appeared over the years, encourages patients to cross the course of lower blepharoplasty.

Nonsurgical Alternatives

An excellent nonsurgical option is to fill the torn hole, just below the fat pad, with an injection of hyaluronic acid. This adds volume to the hollow and smoothes the transition of the cheek into the lid. This extra volume makes the dark circle less pronounced and helps to hide the fat pad.

How Long Does The Blepharoplasty Procedure Last

The intervention of the superior or inferior blepharoplasty lasts approximately 1:00 and different from the double eyelid surgery [ทำตาสองชั้น which is the term in Thai]. The incisions are closed with very fine threads removed after a few days and scars, except complications, are imperceptible since hidden by the eyelashes and located in the fold or inside the lower eyelid. The hospitalization is done outpatient that is to say with an exit the same day of the operation.

It consists, for the upper eyelid, to remove excess skin and any excess fat. For the lower eyelid, this involves making a subsidiary incision or in the internal conjunctiva of the eye, to tighten the skin of this area and to remove excess fat.

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