Discover the Perfect Dietery Supplement

Discover the Perfect Dietery Supplement

During childhood, dietary substance acts primarily on body development, and after age 20, it acts to maintain and increase bone mass. Therefore, calcium is important at all stages of life.Despite all these benefits, not everyone eats the right amount of calcium a day. According to the Clinical Nutrition department at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, an adult between 19 and 50 years old needs 1,000 mg daily, while a person over this age group needs approximately 1,200 mg because it is the period when the body loses mass bone, which needs to be recomposed. The use of iherbs canada happens to be essential here.

Since many people are not concerned about food and prefer fast food, the difficulty in obtaining calcium increases. In addition, there are people who cannot ingest pure milk or do not like, and can opt for milk derivatives.

  • Other factors that interfere with calcium function in the body are substances that impair nutrient absorption. One of the main ones is oxalic acid, found in spinach, chard and beetroot. To avoid this type of problem, it is important that milk and dairy products are consumed at different times of consumption.
  • People who consume a lot of red meat may also need more calcium, as this type of food stimulates the elimination of the substance in the urine. Sodium, present mainly in ready-made and preserved products, is another component that prevents calcium absorption.

Vitamin D is the body’s greatest ally. Especially obtained by sunlight, it aids in the calcium fixation process as it regulates the levels of the mineral in the bloodstream. According to data from the same institution mentioned above, practicing aerobic exercise is another way to fix calcium in bones. Now with iherb malaysia you can have the best deal.


To get the proper amount of calcium, a good alternative is to supplement. In practice, it works like this: The person maintains a balanced diet with as much calcium as he can consume and eats once or twice a day a calcium product. There are several supplements that have the substance on the market, the most popular being Whey Protein.

  • Although it is intended for physical activity practitioners, Whey Protein may be suitable for those who need calcium and other essential nutrients. To know if this is the best option for you, you need to look for a doctor or nutritionist who will evaluate your case individually.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet with the daily rush is not easy. Over the years, the eating habits of Brazilians have changed. If before our diet was full of natural products, today we eat processed foods and nutrient-poor. Therefore, dietary supplements are essential for maintaining health.

Very popular with physical activity practitioners, the benefits of supplements extend far beyond the fitness world. Want to know more about it and discover all the advantages of these wonderful products? Continue reading!

What are dietary supplements?

They are substances like usually vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are used to meet nutritional deficiencies or increase the daily intake of a particular nutrient.In addition, supplements can serve as a form of disease prevention, especially among people who are elderly or have dietary restrictions. They are also used by those who already have certain diseases.

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