When is an MRI Scan Necessary?

When is an MRI Scan Necessary?

Imaging technology can save lives. These days, doctors use imaging technology like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to make detailed images of body organs and tissues. Medical experts use this to diagnose and create a treatment approach for different conditions. But, when are
mri services in boise necessary? Keep reading to know more about MRI scans and how important they are in diagnosing orthopedic conditions:

What Exactly are MRI Scans?

MRI machines use a big magnet combined with radio waves and computer technology to produce sliced images of the internal organs and structures of the body. This non-invasive technology does not emit radiation. 

During the procedure, the patient lies on a table and slides into the machine. They are asked to stay still, so cross-sectional images can be accurately made. When the images are made, a radiologist views the images and uses this information to diagnose issues within the body. A medical expert may order a scan to help diagnose cartilage abnormalities, spine issues, issues with the spinal cord, cysts within the body, and ligament problems. 

Do You Need an MRI or a CT Scan?

Both MRI and computed tomography (CT) scans create images of the body’s internal structure. Sometimes, a CT scan is more appropriate than an MRI. Your physician can determine which imaging technology is best for your situation. 

An MRI uses radio waves and a CT scan involves specialized X-ray technology. But, MRIs can better visualize specific body structures than CT scans. 

MRI for Viewing Soft Tissues

Doctors will usually order an MRI scan if there is a need to view detailed images of soft tissues like ligaments and cartilage. MRI technology can perform this better than CT scans. Some patients prefer to get an MRI instead of a CT scan to avoid radiation. But, keep in mind that the benefits of getting a CT scan when appropriate outweigh the risks. Your doctor should be able to explain the reason an imaging technology is warranted over another in your situation. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting an MRI

If you are like some patients, you may get anxious about having to slide into the tube of the MRI machine. Discuss this with your doctor, so they can prescribe anti-anxiety medication to keep you relaxed while getting the scan. 

Before you schedule your MRI, the staff will make sure you can safely undergo this imaging by going over everything in detail. This includes ensuring you don’t have metal inside your body since MRI machines use powerful magnets. 

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