What is the difference between Testosterone Cypionate, Propionate and Enanthate?

What is the difference between Testosterone Cypionate, Propionate and Enanthate?

People who are interested to understand the difference between the types of testosterone will know which ones they should use and which ones they should not. The drug ranks as the best synthetic hormone in the athletic world. The athletes who use the drug go beyond their naturally occurring production to get better bodily results. However, both men and women produce testosterone, but women have much less in terms of the amount. Read below to know the differences between the three forms of testosterone.

Testosterone Propionate, Cypionate and Enanthate differences

There are many strength-building brands in the world of steroids and they interact with our body differently. However, when we know the differences, we would also know how the best results can be obtained. You need to know each the testosterone type, to understand how they are different from each other. Before you understand what these are, you must know that these are not medically recommended for use.

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Testosterone Cypionate

This is the most commonly used steroid for both bodybuilders and weightlifters. The hormone adds more the natural levels and adds better muscular strength, helps in training and adds to nutrition. The drug is also known to raise or lower the levels of sex drive, enhances red blood cells and it is linked with improving heart health. This drug is known for strong androgenic and anabolic effects, but the practical application leans towards muscle mass. The drug promotes the retention of nitrogen in muscles and improves cell activity. For practical usage, the drug tends to be one of the long-lasting drugs. It is active and effective for around eight days, and that allows people to inject dosages once every week.

Testosterone Enanthate

This is another form of injectable testosterone and is quite popular too. Just like the latter, this too gives athletic enhancement benefits like growth in muscles, shorter recuperation times, and more. This form is similar to non-athletic terms of libido, heart health and red cell production. The primary difference between the two drugs we discussed is how long they last. While the previous one was discussed to have a half life of 8 days, this drug will only last for 4-5 days. This also means that bodybuilders and weightlifters would need to use two injections every week to get the best results.

Testosterone Propionate

As per the popularity of steroids, this drug is way behind the two above. The drug gives similar benefits in the synthetic form, but it does stay for a very less time. The half-life is only for 2 days, and the effectiveness might be slightly less. This means the user has to take many weekly injections to get the desired results. How the medication has lingered in weightlifting circles is related to the fast acting of the drug. Some people thought that the best results can be obtained when the drug is consumed quickly. However, this does come with some side. Not only does it have a short half life, but it also promotes water retention.

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