What Is The Difference Between Science-Based And Religion-Based Treatment?

What Is The Difference Between Science-Based And Religion-Based Treatment?

The differences in treatment programs help addicts determine what choice is best for them. The most common choices are treatment programs based on science or religion. Reviewing the difference between science-based and religion-based treatment helps addicts make a choice about their recovery.

What Does Science-Based Treatment Have to Offer?

Science-based treatment is based on the principles of encouraging the addict to fight their addiction and create a better life for them and their family. The counselors do not play the blame game and base the therapy on respect and understanding. Addiction is approached as an illness that is out of the patient’s control, and treatment is required to help the individual eliminate the desire to use drugs or drink alcohol.

The effects of the addiction are considered when creating the individualized treatment program for the addict. The program allows the addicts to take steps at their own pace and achieve necessary milestones. The process starts with detoxification and ways to make the body and mind healthier. Counselors provide therapy for the patients to determine why the addicts started using drugs or became an alcoholic. Medical examinations are necessary to assess the damage caused by the addiction and find a better way to improve the patient’s health.

Therapy is driven by the notion that the patient will have a breakthrough, discover that the addiction isn’t serving them, and realize it is destroying their body and their lives. However, the counselors don’t use guilt to make the patients feel like they are horrible people because of their addiction. The program focuses on individual improvement and finding a deeper purpose within the patient’s self. Patients who want to learn more about a science-based addiction program can start by checking out ARC Rehab Portsmouth right now.

What Happens With Religion-Based Addiction Treatment?

Religion-based addiction treatment impresses upon the addict that their addiction is a sin and a violation of God’s law. It is based on the principles of Christianity in that the individual must surrender their life to God or Christ, and they will only recover through the teachings of the Bible. The program uses the Serenity Prayer to help the patients through tough times and weak moments. It follows 12-step programs that show the addict how to repent for their sins and rebuild relationships with their family through Christianity.

The counselors provide one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. The addict must repeat their sins or their addiction to their family and ask for forgiveness for their actions. The counselors don’t approach addiction as an illness and use blame, shame, and guilt to get the addict to recover from their addiction.

Choosing the right treatment program helps individuals suffering from addiction recover successfully. The two primary choices for addicts are science or religion-based treatment programs. A science-based program is based on scientific strategies and how the addiction has affected the body and mind. Religion-based treatment is based on the principles of Christianity. Individuals who want to learn more about science-based treatment can contact a counselor right now.

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