Treatment of Lung Diseases with Zithromax

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The macrolides are a part of the antibiotics of the old class which contains lactone rings of 14, 15, or 16 members. The rings have links through the glycosidic bonds with the sugar molecules. The chief function of these macrolides is to modulate the virulent activities of the gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. They inhibit the protein synthesis of the bacteria by binding reversibly with the 50S ribosomal subunit of the bacteria. The macrolides can accumulate in large proportion within the compartments of the lysosome of the phagocytes. The weak alkaline character of the substance helps them to reach the inflammation site from the point of release.

Macrolides for treatment

Nowadays, there has been a notable increase in the bacterial and viral infection level in both infants and the adults. Vital organs like the lungs are being the target of the infectious elements causing severe inflammatory infections. The researchers have proved that then macrolides can be clinically used to treat the chronic as well as acute lung diseases as well as other bacterial infections. The discovery has stimulated the pharmaceutical companies like RXShopMD to start designing the drugs for effective treatment. From then onwards, the antibiotic manufactured by the company is helping to fight diseases in the infants above six months to the children above 12 years and adults.

Particular macrolides in treatment

The macrolide family has an essential member of the name Azithromycin which is widely in use to treat the infections. As an independent antibiotic, the chemical has the immunomodulatory and the anti-inflammatory properties. When your lung suffers from a disease, the alveolar macrophages along with the lung cells produce isotypes of Phospholipase A2. These isotypes are responsible for the pathophysiology of the inflammatory disorders in the lungs. The substances promote the injury of lungs by the destruction of the lung surfactant. The azithromycin can successfully inhibit the action of the phospholipase A2.

Manufacturing the drug on a large scale

The Azithromycin is converted into the brand name of Zithromax in many countries. The generic term goes with the affordable pills that the people can acquire much easier than the international antibiotic. The capsules are safe for intake and can treat tonsillitis, Lyme disease, and many other symptoms other than the lung inflammation and infection. A Croatian pharmaceutical company first discovered the formulation of the drug. Other companies then use the same formula without using the same brand name. People can now get the same medicine for a lower price due to the generic designing.

Important information

Before taking medicine, you must know about a few relevant facts regarding the drug. The dosage should be precisely as directed by your physician. It will be better if you strictly maintain the dosage quantity without trying to experiment on your own. For every type of infection, the dosage frequency and quantity will vary. While taking the oral suspension, you must shake the liquid well before measuring the dose. Don’t stop the medication once your symptoms start to recede. You have to continue the dosage for the entire prescribed period.

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