Small Changes to Weight Loss

Small Changes to Weight Loss

The #1 New Year’s resolution this year is to lose 10 pounds in a week. How many actually will?

The most common starting points are eating less, exercising more, getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water.

It’s easier to lose weight by eating small frequent meals that keep you feeling full and prevent mindless snacking. Eating lots of low-fat, healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains will provide you wholesome nutrition throughout the day and you won’t be starving yourself. Take vitamins, and drink lots of water.  You should avoid fast foods joints, alcohol, and sugary foods if you are serious about getting your body in shape.

If you want to lose weight quickly, and to optimize fat loss, you should be exercising at least 5 times a week.  It doesn’t have to be hard; you can start with light cardiovascular exercises like walking, stationary cycling, or swimming.

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Deciding that you want to lose weight is the easy part; the hard part is finding a solid reason to get started and then making a commitment to yourself to stick with it no matter what.  So if you really want to lose weight, schedule the time to exercise and make sure you do it faithfully.

You should try to keep yourself physically active throughout the day. You can take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Wearing a pedometer is an easy way to determine where you are now in terms of steps per day.  To lose weight, you should aim for at least 10,000 steps per day.  Experts agree that a weight loss goal of about a pound a week is ideal. Certain medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, can hinder your personal results.  You can ask your doctor is any medicine you are taking may be having an effect on your weight, or your ability to lose it.

Oftentimes, people start their weight loss program with lots of enthusiasm; they do too much too fast and burn out.  They soon lose interest and are back to their same old ways.

There is no magic pill, or one single approach to weight loss that works the same for everyone.  John got into a running program, and Andy starved himself. Heather started weight training, and Toni joined a Yoga class. Atkins, South-Beach, Picture Perfect; all are diets, but are all different, and you’ll hear both positive and negative about each one.

Any way you look at it, if you want to win your weight loss battle, you need to change your lifestyle.  Counting calories, portion control, menu planning, and various psychological approaches to changing your lifestyle can be easily found online.  There are numerous awareness campaigns in the market today on obesity.

Nutritionists, fitness experts, dieticians and personal trainers all help the community obtain a balance with their diet and exercise. You might consider asking them for some guidance and support. That’s what they are there for.

Once you do reach your desired healthy weight, find a management program that offers free on-going support. Then you can go on to doing heavier exercises like weight lifting and weight training to keep those muscles toned.

Getting fit is a lifestyle change, period. You need to desire it fully and be ready for change.  If this seems like it will take too much effort, time or money, then you can always look at the option of losing weight with hypnosis. Many people are seeing results with this method quiet quickly by using nothing more than a little mind power.  They feel better and better every day, which in turn causes them to want to get out and exercise even more; creating a positive domino effect towards your weight lose goal.

Realize that you are not alone in the battle. There are countless trained professionals out there who are eager to help you get started. They are great motivators, and want to see results just as badly as you do. The first step is to make the decision that works best for you. Then just Go for it!

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