Anti- Aging Clinics Reveal the Procedures That Make the Biggest Differences in Skin Over 50

Anti- Aging Clinics Reveal the Procedures That Make the Biggest Differences in Skin Over 50

Gravity is a massive force of nature that often catches up with everyone at some point.And when it does, it often refuses to let go, unless medically forced out. You know you need help to restore the effects of aging when you constantly want to pull back the skin on your wrinkled face or when you look in the mirror and get bothered by the jiggle in your arms.

Thanks to technology, there are countless options that can help slow down the aging process to a greater extent. Now, you can walk into a clinic, lie down, and have your face lifted and brought back to life in an instant. Or, if you aren’t a fan of surgical procedures, book a laser treatment appointment to tighten loose skin.

If you are wondering which anti-aging procedures are voted the most effective by anti-aging clinics, here’s a lowdown:

  1. Dermal Fillers

The use of dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is undoubtedly one of the biggest cosmetic breakthroughs of all time. If done right, it gives immediate results with little or no downtime and other negative effects of surgical procedures. Basically, the fillers are injected under the skin to create a plump and fuller effect. Collagen used to be the only filler available in the market back in the day but now, hyaluronic acid products (including Juvederm and Restylane) and other synthetic fillers have stolen the show.

  1. CO2 Fractional Laser Treatments

Laser treatments, in general, remain to be effective at undoing the effects of aging for people over 50. In particular, fractional laser therapy combines the effectiveness of carbon dioxide lasers and a new technique of application without the harsh effects of conventional laser treatments. Simply put, the process uses light energy beams to enhance the production of collagen without damaging the skin. It is a quick and effective procedure with around 4 days of downtime.

  1. Chemical Peel Treatments

The principle of chemical peel treatments is to remove dead cells from the skin by creating blisters. These blisters which emulate skin wounds eventually cause the skin to produce more collagen.  Chemical peel treatments have also been found to make a huge difference in the skin especially the higher concentrations (more than 30%).

  1. Microdermabrasion

This procedure uses either a hard wand (usually diamond-tipped) or tiny, fine particles to get rid of dead cells from the top layer of the skin and hence encourage the growth of new cells. It is generally an uncomfortable treatment whose benefits are brief but very effective. Ideally, you require multiple appointments in a span of a few weeks to realize a big change but it is definitely worth a shot.

  1. Botox

The last procedure on this list is the acclaimed Melbourne Botox or Dysport which is simply the injection of botulism toxin to mask the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The toxin achieves this by paralyzing underlying muscles temporarily. It also treats an array of other issues such as muscular disorders, bowel disorders, migraines, and excessive sweating.

Anti-aging treatments are designed to counter the effects of gravity and reduced elasticity of the skin by enhancing collagen production and thereby promoting a youthful look. Among the plethora of options out there, these are the most effective according to anti-aging clinics.

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