A Guide To Using Bongs

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Bongs are filtration devices usually used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other herbal products. It is also called a water pipe. Their slang terms are also known as blubber, billy, or binger. It originates from the Thai word “Baung,” denoting a bamboo pipe used for smoking weed.

The Working Mechanism Of Bongs

They are available in various forms, from a simple glass chamber with a pipe to artistic ones. They mainly filter and cool the smoke coming from burning marijuana or other herbs used. They contain a small bowl to hold the dried weed; combustion occurs by heating it. When you inhale, the water in the bottom bubbles or percolates, and the smoke rises through the water to the chamber and finally reaches the mouth and lungs.

Each component of the bong works in concert to filter each hit of water using a unique water filtering procedure that involves a water chamber, downstream, and sometimes percolators to instantaneously produce a strong high. The smoke from the bong is smooth but still fills your lungs. Though it may filter out some of the smoke compared to other modes of smoking, it remains a health hazard.

Method To Use A Bong

The following steps help in using bongs. Prepare water bong material by grounding the hemp using a herb grinder. Add water to the chamber; adding fresh and cold water will help in cooling each bong unit. Fill the bong, ensuring the downstem hole is covered to help in water percolation. Too little water will lead to malfunction, and too much water will lead to splashback when the bubbles begin to form, leading to discomfort. Pack the bong bowl, freshly ground dry herbs are used to pack the bowl. 

Light up the water bong, Light the bowl using a lighter or a hemp wick, all the while placing your mouth on the mouthpiece and starting to inhale slowly. Taking a slow and steady drag will allow the bong to form a thick cloud of smoke that sits in the water chamber and travels up to the neck when you inhale. Clear the water chamber by removing the bowl and downstem from the bong and inhale, letting the smoke travel to the mouth.


bongs can cool and filter the smoke to give a smooth experience. Though it may feel less harsh, you are still inhaling smoke. Other alternatives include sprays, oils, capsules, and gummies of herbs. Following the proper procedure of using a bong can give you a pleasant experience.

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