Your teeth may be why you’re not getting that job

Your teeth may be why you’re not getting that job

How many of us out there are looking for that next career move?  How many want to get over the hump to that next level in your career?

Have you considered that your teeth may be holding you back?  Are you procrastinating because of fear or money concerns?

The idea of getting braces as an adult can be anxiety inducing.  After all, it can be a source of embarrassment immediately available for all to see.  You get on an elevator, you’re ordering from your favorite coffee shop, you’re at the movies with your partner, it can feel like all eyes are on you.  Aren’t braces expensive? Not anymore.  Advances in orthodontics have improved the experience for consumers both aesthetically and financially.  Now more than ever, the upside far outweighs the downside.  Follow us along, as we discuss the issue because braces for adults in Crofton is a possibility one must consider.

Here are some questions to consider if you’re on the fence:

1) Have you ever considered your teeth to be getting more crooked over time?

We, as the human race, are living longer, with life expectancies climbing.  Teeth can move over time, which can lead to other health issues.  With adult braces becoming more and more affordable, there has never been a better time to consider the move to braces.  It is only going to get worse without proper courses of action taken.

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2) Have you ever felt that your teeth were affecting your self esteem?

No one is impervious to the embarassment that can be caused by crooked teeth.  But have you considered the symptons of low self esteem caused by crooked teeth?  Poor body posture, dejected feelings in social situations, and a lack of assertiveness are all associated with low self esteem.  Do any of these symptons apply to you?  These are issues that can prevent you from doing well in your dream job interview.  And it doesn’t end there.  Self esteem affects your daily life and will permeate into your personal relationships.  As previously mentioned, braces are becoming a more accessible and affordable resource.

3) Have you ever been told that getting implants can be a solution to fixing gaps in teeth?

If you’re lucky enough to have a dental plan that includes tooth implants in the policy, then great!  However, most of us do not.  Getting tooth implants is an arduous and highly expensive process.  At times, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars by going with a plan that involves braces over implants.

So we’ve outlined a few key issues or concerns that you may have when considering adult braces.  Now is the time to act on it!


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