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This might be your first time purchasing marijuana. You thought of going for the retail stores but finally changed your mind towards online platform. Once you logged online, you are literally blown away by so many options. You never thought that simple marijuana has so many types and variations under it. Each product has its own pros and features. Moreover, some look completely different from another. So, before you finally buy marijuana online Canada, remember to check the options available. Once you are through with that, you will receive quality services later. Each product varies a bit in prices too.So make sure to consider that fact as well before coming to a decision.

Go for the white castle:

Hearing this term may seem to be a part of fairy take, but it is not. White Caste is a form of best-selling marijuana, which got its name from the image. This is a form of marijuana, which comes with Indica dominant hybrid strain, as created through crossing class white widow and with some ice strains to it. This form of bud is known to have light green nugs and a bit fluffy with some purple based undertones. It has orange colored sparse hairs and super thick frosted blanket of the white crystal trichomes. That will help in covering each and every inch of the product, making it quite beautiful to see.

Available in so many flavors:

This kind of medicated bud is available in so many flavors. It is known to be a sweet fruity like taste to it, especially, that of strawberry mixed with a bit of earth in it. This kind of item is mainly used for treating stress, inflammation, depression, nausea and even lack of appetite. You can try it out now to learn more about the taste and its value.

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