Way to reduce the weight and keep healthy

Way to reduce the weight and keep healthy

There is no perfect diet to lose weight. Choose one that includes healthy foods and that you think will work for you. Changes in diet to treat obesity consist of the following:

  • Reduce calories the key to losing weight is to reduce the number of calories you eat. Together with your health care providers, you can review your food and beverage habits to know how many calories you normally consume and how you can reduce them. You and the doctor can decide how many calories you have to ingest per day to lose weight, but the normal amount is 1200 to 1500 calories for women and between 1500 and 1800 for men.
  • Feel satisfied eating less. The concept of energy density can help you satisfy hunger with fewer calories. All foods have a certain amount of calories for a certain amount (volume). This means that a small volume of that food has many calories. Conversely, other foods, such as fruits and vegetables, have a lower energy density. These foods allow you to eat larger portions, but fewer calories. By eating larger portions of foods that have fewer calories, you reduce the feeling of hunger, consume fewer calories and feel better with food, which increases the feeling of general well-being.
  • Choose healthier options to make your diet healthier, eat more plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates from whole grains. Also, choose lean sources of protein – such as beans, lentils and soybeans – and lean meats. If you like to fish, try to eat it twice a week. Limit salt and added sugar. Choose dairy with low-fat content. Eat small amounts of fat and make sure they come from heart-healthy sources, such as olive oils, canola, and nuts.
  • Restricts certain foods. Certain diets limit the amount of a particular food group, such as foods that have a high carbohydrate or fat content. Ask your doctor what dietary plans have been effective and which ones might be useful to you. Sugar-sweetened drinks are a safe way to consume more calories than desired, so limiting or eliminating them altogether is a good idea to start reducing caloric intake.
  • Food replacements: These plans suggest that you replace one or two meals with their products-for example, shakes or low-calorie bars-as well as eat healthy snacks and have a balanced third meal with a low fat and calorie content. This type of diet can help you lose weight in the short term. However, keep in mind that these diets probably will not teach you to change your general lifestyle, so you may have to keep them for longer to avoid gaining weight again.
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Do not trust fast solutions. Fad diets that promise a quick and easy weight loss can be tempting. But the reality is that there are no magical foods or quick fixes. Fad diets may help in the short term, but long-term results do not seem to be better than those of other diets.

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