Varicose Vein Treatment: When You Need It and How To Avoid It

Varicose Vein Treatment: When You Need It and How To Avoid It

Before you make a final decision about whether or not to undergo varicose vein treatment, it is important you have all the facts. Beyond your own personal research online, it’s wise to get an evaluation by a vascular specialist, a doctor who specializes in the treatment of vein diseases. Often, you can get a free evaluation just by calling and setting up an appointment.

While some people do get varicose vein treatment simply because they are embarrassed about the physical appearance of their varicose veins, most people get varicose vein treatment primarily for medical reasons. In fact, varicose vein treatment is often deemed a necessary medical treatment when these damaged dysfunctional veins can lead to life threatening blood clots, leg ulcers, phlebitis (inflammation in the blood vessels), painful debilitating leg pain, and other serious medical complications.

Since varicose veins are genetically inherited, if you have family members who have experienced pain and or serious complications due to varicose veins, you should be more vigilant about your own varicose vein condition. It is important to catch it as early as possible so you can both prevent the condition from getting worse and you can seek treatment before the treatment needed would be more extensive. The same is true, of course, if you are experiencing any of the primary symptoms for varicose veins such as pain or throbbing in your legs, swelling, and restless leg syndrome.

Here are five actions you can take to reduce the severity of varicose veins or at least delay the onset of more serious complications:

1. Exercise More

Literally, a walk around the block is about all you need to very significantly curtail the advancement of your varicose veins. If you don’t like walking in your neighborhood, or perhaps going to a park to walk, you can just turn on the radio once a day and dance around the house for ten to fifteen minutes! It’s fun and it will get your circulation flowing better for the rest of the day.

2. Lose Weight

Yes, this “cure all” for most health issues will also work wonders on your varicose veins. Even if you can’t get to your ideal weight, just losing ten pounds can help prevent or delay the need for varicose vein treatment. So many people get frustrated when they can’t lose all the weight they want rather than be happy about losing some weight and the health benefits that entrails.

3. Don’t Wear High Heels

Flat shoes make your calf muscles work harder than high heels. The harder your calf muscles work, the more they will aid your leg veins to defy gravity and get your deoxygenated blood back to your heart. This will help lessen your varicose vein condition.

4. Don’t Sit Too Long

Do you have a sedentary job or lifestyle where you sit in a chair most of the day? If yes, if you’ll get in the habit of getting up for at least a couple of minutes every hour and just stretching your legs a bit, you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood of your varicose veins getting worse.

5. Elevate Your Legs

When you are prone to varicose veins, your legs will tend to accumulate fluid, even before you develop visible varicose veins. This makes your leg veins work much harder and this causes varicose veins to more hastily develop. If you elevate your legs, this will reduce the amount of fluid that accumulates in your legs, and therefore, reduce or delay the development of varicose veins.

If your doctor determines that your varicose veins could lead to serious complications, he or she will explain to risks to you and why you need varicose vein treatment. He or she will also explain the type of varicose vein treatment that would be most effective in your particular case. You may even be given more than one treatment option to choose and the pros and cons of each treatment. Some of the more common types of varicose vein treatment include ELT (endovenous laser treatment), duplex ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, IPL (pulsed light therapy), and mini-phlebectomy, also called ambulatory phlebectomy.

Metro Vein Centers (several locations nationwide) is one of the best known varicose vein treatment clinics in the United States. They offer free initial consultations with some of the best vein doctors in the country. A free consultation with Metro Vein Centers presents a good opportunity for you to ask your questions to someone who can clarify what you have learned in your own research. While it is good to do your own research, highly specialized medical expertise may be the only way to know which type of varicose vein treatment would work best for you.

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