Top Tips When Hiring A Catering Service For Your Event

Top Tips When Hiring A Catering Service For Your Event

Anyone who has tried their shot of planning an event, big or small will know how important the catering service is. Even when the entertainment or the main show fails, as long as their good food on the table, most people will be happy. Serving up bad food, or worse running out of food during an event is a complete and utter disaster. Both of which can easily be avoided by hiring the best Gettysburg catering service provider.

Here are some important factors and considerations to keep in mind when scouting for a caterer for your next big event:

1. Keep The List Short

No matter how much time you have until the event you do not have the extra energy or resources to spend months checking out over 100 different caterers. To make the choice simple narrow down the list to a maximum of 5 catering services. Do this by checking out online reviews for their reputation and by asking for recommendations from trusted friends and family members.

The sooner you make a list, the sooner you can start contacting your top three caterers to schedule a taste test and finally have the best Gettysburg catering service provider on your list.

2. Think Of The Guests

This seems a little too obvious, but many novice event planners forget to consider who the event is for. The best way to ensure the caterer serves up food guests will enjoy is to think about the palette of the people about to eat. For example, the older generations would prefer to eat mild food that they are familiar with while younger and more adventurous guests will more likely try something new and innovative.

When you have determined the crowd attending the event, you can work with the caterer to come up with a menu that will be a sure hit with most, if not all of the guests at your event.

3. Bring Another Person To The Taste Test

Having another person with a different taste from yourself during the taste test will help keep the decision partial. If you are left to decide on the flavors of the food and to try the entire menu, you can subconsciously decide based on your own preferences. For some people this can work to their advantage, but having another person to help with the decision making takes a load off on your shoulders as well as the caterer’s.

4. Look Into The Caterer’s Experience

Not all catering services have the same set of experiences. Some specialize in casual food and dining setups while others lean more into the formal setting and dining experience. There are a few caterers who can manage to do both types of catering, but it is still better to double check before booking any services.

It can be hard to plan an event from start to finish, but once you find a catering service you can trust, you will never have to look for another service provider again. The great thing about caterers is how they are versatile and reliable, once you show loyalty, they will work hard to always deliver excellent food and service.
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