Toe Pain – An Overview

Toe Pain – An Overview

Can you imagine a day without walking? Simply no! The leg is one of the crucial parts of a body but most of the people neglect this part, as they only want to take care of their facial and upper body part; however, your legs are as important as your upper portion. Therefore, you should not neglect any symptom related to upper leg area or lower leg area. Many people experience pain in toes when walking or sometimes feel tingling in the toes while walking. Many patients are suffering from the similar situation of tingly toes.

You might be suffering from an issue of inflamed nerve, known as the neuroma. It is a painful state that is also termed as a nerve tumor or a “pinched nerve”. This problem is about a benign growth involved with nerve tissue often discovered between the third as well as fourth toes that develop the pain, numbness, tingling or a burning sensation between the toes along with the ball of the foot.

You need to remember that it might develop on any of the toes; however, the 3rd and 4th toes are the most common ones. The primary symptom involved with a neuroma is pain developed between the toes in times of walking. Now, you might relate the problem of pain in toes when walking. Patients, who are suffering from the particular condition, might often get relief by taking off the shoe, halting their walk, and massaging or rubbing the disturbing part.

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Common Symptoms of Neuroma

  • Pain between your toes and the forefoot
  • Numbness and tingling in the ball associated with the foot
  • Swelling between your toes
  • Pain in the ball linked to the foot while weight is put on it

If you are experiencing any of the (or all) aforementioned problems or something like that, then consult your doctor for further examination without any delay.

A range of factors might contribute to the development of neuroma and they are Biomechanical deformities, Trauma, and Repeated stress. Treatment options differ with the acuteness of each neuroma; therefore, identification of the neuroma in its early development phase can save you from surgical correction.

Take the help of a proper medical attention for the proper evaluation of the initial discomfort or sign of pain. In case of negligence, neuromas might become a severe issue. Therefore, don’t wait.

You need to remember that foot pain is an abnormal situation and any disturbance in foot function restricts your freedom as well as mobility.


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