Tips and Tricks for Holding a Plank

Tips and Tricks for Holding a Plank

Physical and mental fitness is quite necessary to live a longer life. If a human cannot doing any physical or mental work once in a day, they lose their immunity at a senior age. When a person loses their immunity, many common diseases like sickness, cold etc will catch instantly and you will be sick for long period. So, to overcome these diseases, to immune your body don’t be a lazy person. Work hard, exercise hard and eat healthily.   There are many ways to fit your body like join gym or fitness center, regular exercises, yoga, stretching etc, similarly for mental fitness you can solve Sudoku, play mind games etc.

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There some common ways exercise that every gym freak are doing daily and a normal person can also do that on their regular basis that is known as hold a plank for longer. This exercise helps you in getting a stronger core and increases your strength. Plank for just 2 minutes can make everything in a good way whether you are too fat, too weak or done something wrong exercise. It looks easy but quite impossible for a new one because holding a plank for 120 seconds is not a childish thing. If you do not believe drop down at the floor and try, you will not able to hold for minimum 30 seconds 120 seconds is a distant thing.

When you feel the changes by doing plank regularly, you feel so amazing that you will not leave plank exercise for something else workout. By aligning with the backbone of your spine, improving your balance, strength, and posture, the plank must become a part of exercise routine. If you are new, there are some secrets help hold plank longer like first managing a plank for 30 seconds then slowly increase your time limit like 30 to 60, 60 to 90 etc. secondly, you can listen to your favorite music while doing plank, start naming things with different alphabet, reading book or something and much more. For more information and other exercise tips and tricks, you can visit this website

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