The Best Steroid Injections for Bodybuilders

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Studies show that majority of the professional sports men depend on anabolic steroids for enhancing their performance. Most of them prefer to take the intramuscular injection form of anabolic steroids for muscle gain. These steroids are actually a synthetic form of the male hormone testosterone. These injectable anabolic steroids are of two types, one that has long lasting effect and the other whose effect lasts for a short time. Today’s sportsmen prefer using the water soluble anabolic steroids that have a short lasting effect. These injectable forms are normally pushed into the biceps, triceps, pectoral, quadriceps, deltoids, gastrocnemius muscle and rectus abdominis.

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Types of steroid injections

Basically, there are two different forms of steroid injections available. One is corticosteroids the anti-inflammatory steroid injections and the other is performance enhancing steroid injections.Corticosteroids help you to treat any kind of inflammatory or dysfunction related to the immune system like asthma, arthritis or allergies caused due to any kind of dysfunction of the endocrine system. Anabolic steroid is the performance enhancing steroid which is actually the synthetic version of testosterone and is normally prescribed to treat lack of adolescent growth, and to minimize muscle-wasting symptomsin HIVor cancer patients. Testosterone is one of the most common types of anabolic steroid. But with the use of any kind of steroid or hormone, there are certain side effects associated that affect the body system and its function. Some of the side effects are any kind of infections, possible weight gain and changes in psychological functions that lead to emotional disturbance including mood swings.

Preparations to be taken

Most athletes inject their own steroid. If you are interested to know how to do this, the very first thing you need to learn is to prepare the injection. Basically, there are fewsteps you need to follow while injecting these anabolic steroids and the entire process takes only about a minute. Improper ways of injecting can lead to complications like infections or unnecessarily sore in the injected area.Firstly, choose a new 23g-25g sized needle of 1″. Then draw in the desired amount of oil by pulling out the plunger syringe backward. Now remove the air bubbles by pushing the plunger in a forward direction and tapping the side of the syringe with your finger. Then disinfect the area of application with an alcohol swab. Finally, plunge the needle firmly in the area and aspirate. If blood fills in your needle take it out and select a new area. If not, push in the steroid into the body.

Psychological effect of testosterone on sportsmen

As per the research, the anabolic steroids create a psychosomatic state which allows the athletes to train harder and tolerate stress to a great extent. Such changes in the psychological functions prove to be highly beneficial for the weightlifters who need to apply maximum force during the workout sessions. Along with the anabolic steroids, a high protein diet is also essential for the bodybuilders to cope up with the strength required. But one thing you should always keep in mind is to avoid any kind of serious psychological alteration or other side effects for which you should monitor the dosage carefully.

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