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The liver’s health is essential for the whole body. Because of its importance, experts in traditional Chinese medicine refer to the liver by its honorary title, “Generalissimo.” They view the liver as a general, charged with directing the blood flow and commanding the storage of blood. There are three functions that are directly tied to the liver’s performance: the stabilization and management of emotions, the stimulation for digestion, and the maintenance of energy.

Livermend is a Chinese herb for liver treatment. The supplement is all natural and created from ingredients such as the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, membranous milk vetch root, Sophora flavescence, Chinese narrow-leafed polygala, red-rooted salvia, and multiflower knotweed. These ingredients help the body to cleanse itself of toxins. Additionally they improve on the quality of blood cells, causing Livermend users to think more clearly and feel somewhat more level headed.

Each of the ingredients within Livermend serve a unique function that helps to aid both the liver and the entire body. While all the ingredients are supplements for liver health, each one takes on a different task that is critical to maintaining a healthy body.

Fruit of Chinese magnoliavine: creates a sedative effect and can help to enhance the liver’s ability to detox. It also has many other functions aside from merely being a liver supplement, such as providing nutrition to myocardium and assisting in the expulsion of phlegm.

Sophora flavescence: is capable of regulating the body’s temperature. It can prevent the body from overheating and keep it from cooling down too much. It also helps to detoxify the liver and combat against bacteria.

Root of red-rooted salvia: strengthens myocardium and calms the heart. It also improves microcirculation of blood within the liver.
Processed tuber of multiflower knotweed: promotes the generation of new blood cells and revitalizes the body.

Chinese narrow-leafed polygala and root-tuber of aromatic turmeric: treats nocturnal emissions, insomnia, and arrhythmic palpitations. It can also lessen the effects of depression.

Root of membranous milk vetch: regulates blood sugar and improves general health. It can also improve the heart’s function. You can visit TCM Clinic Online to use their medical symptom checker

While many people can benefit from taking Livermend, the following demographics will find their health improved greatly by the supplement:

  • People suffering from abnormal hepatic functions.
  • Individuals afflicted with an alcohol addiction, or experiencing alcohol withdrawal.
  • Anyone who suffers mood swings, feels dizzy, experiences insomnia, or suffers from anxiety.
  • People who suffer from depression.
  • Individuals who find themselves frequently coughing.

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