Sildenafil Generic 100mg

Sildenafil Generic 100mg

Has it happened to you that you need a specific medication and have moved heaven and earth to achieve it but it has become impossible and you do not know what to do? Yes? Well, do not worry. It has all happened to us all at some time and it is normal and more when we talk about erectile dysfunction. There are many brands of drugs designed to treat this condition, however, some are very difficult to achieve, but do not despair. Kamagra has arrived 100 grams and is a generic drug which works as a viagra and is one of the most efficient in the market and has even been positioned as one of the favorites for men who want to solve this problem.

Kamagrais produced in Mumbai, India by a pharmaceutical company known as Ajanta Pharma which has been producing high-quality medicines since 1973. Its long history has earned it an international recognition including that of the FDA, a guarantee that allowed it to introduce more than 12 of its products in the US pharmaceutical market.

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Kamagraconsists, as has been said before, in a generic type of medication that seeks to give an answer to erectile dysfunction in men. It consists mainly of sildenafil generic 100mg, which is its main active component (However, it should be mentioned that it has other non-active components, but this one is the most important), and it works by relaxing the muscles of the penile arteries. Being this zone in complete relaxation, blood can flow much faster and create a good erection that can satisfy everyone during the sexual act.

By having a strong erection, men see the effects of sildenafil generic 100mg as well as its great efficiency and choose to continue consuming it. Similarly, it should be noted that in order to consume Kamagraof 100 grams, the pill must be taken at least 30 or 45 minutes before the sexual activity in question; this must be done by ingesting a lot of water so that it is easier for the body to metabolize the medicine. After at least 30 minutes pass, as long as the person is excited, a strong erection will make an appearance.

In this sense, when consuming sildenafil generic 100mg, it is possible that there are side effects that can last between 3 or 4 hours. These can become nausea, headaches, prolonged erections, vomiting, among others.

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