Principles of Cocaine Detox

Principles of Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is the most powerful stimulant of the nervous system that occurs in nature. It is obtained from coca leaves and sold as white flour-like powder, paste or crystals (crack cocaine). Only 1-2 doses of cocaine cause a strong psychological dependence on prolonged depression.

Principle of operation and effect

Cocaine acts as a stimulant and euphoretic: it excites the nervous system, increases muscle tone, improves memory and concentration, stimulates creative thinking, and evokes euphoria. Under the influence of a drug a person feels happy, strong, smart and popular. He cannot sleep for hours on end, actively working or resting, and at the same time do not feel tired or hungry.

Cocaine drug

Cocaine very sharpens the perception: the colors around seem brighter, the sounds are louder, the touches are especially pleasant. Thoughts become clear, as a result, people easily make decisions and generate ideas. Because of this property, cocaine is often called a drug of the creative elite.

Cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs, popular among the “creative elite”. Therefore, in the risk group – young people from well-to-do families, representatives of business and creative professions.

But these feelings do not last long – an hour later the supply of neurotransmitters comes to an end and the person sharply “descends to the ground” – feels a wild fatigue, helplessness and longing. This is because the drug does not give person energy from outside, but only causes the brain to exhaust the body’s reserves, leading to physical and psychological exhaustion.

Psychological dependence

Cocaine does not form a physical dependence. This is the main reason for its popularity and high cost. That is, characteristic of most drugs “breaking” with muscle pain, cramps and tachycardia will not happen. But already with 1-2 doses from the substance, a more dangerous and severe dependence is formed – psychological.

“High” a person feels happy, successful, confident and very energetic. When the action ends, there is a natural desire to return this pleasant state. And since there are no painful sensations after taking a dose, a novice addict without fear uses a new dose.

After each admission, the addict becomes more and more accustomed to false “happiness,” and the world without a dose seems more gray and joyless. The use of cocaine becomes an obsession and very quickly turns into an obsession.

Treatment of cocaine dependence at home

The use of Cocaine detox leads to the development of persistent dependence after several receptions. When the action of the substance ends, the addict experiences strong physical and mental suffering, a painful desire to return to the state of drug intoxication.Abandonment of cocaine causes a severe withdrawal syndrome. Therefore, the treatment of cocaine addiction at home without the help of specialists will only prolong the withdrawal symptoms, but will not bring a positive result. Talking about remission is premature, even if the addict will manage to survive the break-up. Psychic craving for cocaine is very strong and often leads to a breakdown.

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