Nurses are the roadmap of a healthy patient

Nurses are the roadmap of a healthy patient

The role of a nurse is not limited, they play wide variety of roles in a health care institution. It is rightly said that the “nurses are the backbone of healthcare”. Nurse are considered as backbone because of their contribution in the treatment of the patient. Doctors are supposed to provide proper treatment to the patient. However, it is a nurse that looks after the health of the patient throughout his/her health care journey. Without the assistance of a nurse it is very difficult to monitor the health of the patient. Nursing care for patients at home [พยาบาลดูแลผู้ป่วยที่บ้าน, which is the term in Thai] is also available in case people wish to have a personal nurse.

What is the process of nursing?

  • Assessment: The primary process in nursing is to assess the patient. The assessment of a patient involves the social, physiological, economic lifestyle of the patient.
  • Diagnosis: The nurse performs diagnosis with the help of both symptoms and behavior of the patient.
  • Planning: The nurses than set a goal for the recovery of the patient by using their expertise. Later the daily monitor achievement of the goal.
  • Implementation: The plan that has been conceptualized is then implemented. The practice consistency in their work and document the progress of the patient.
  • Evaluation: Later the nurses evaluate the performance of their plan and make necessary changes to achieve the best outcome for patients.

Responsibilities of a nurse

  • Nurses [พยาบาลเฝ้าไข้, which is the term in Thai] are responsible for performing the physical examination of the person’s health.
  • They are also required to assess the patient’s medical history which may help in making critical decisions.
  • Nurses are also the ones who provide health counseling and education to the patients.
  • They are responsible for the administration of medication and the physical health of the patient.
  • Nurses are also responsible for making timely coordination with health care professionals.
  • In case of minor illness, nurses are responsible to prescribe medication to the patient.
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