Losing Weight Fast: Yes, you can do it!

Losing Weight Fast: Yes, you can do it!

I’m losing weight fast. By fast, I have lost 22 pounds since March 4th; I’m writing this on April 25th. From a clothing size standpoint, I went from a very full-figured size 16 (about to bust into an 18) to a size 12 in under two months. I feel better than I have in years and have begun to regain my self-confidence.

In pursuing my goal of getting back to a slimmer figure and a healthy weight, I am not fasting, paying for a gym membership, eating mail-order foods, or purchasing supplements containing God only knows what ingredients.

Nope. None of that.

Here’s what I am doing.

  • Shopping at the regular old neighborhood grocery store.
  • Eating three healthy meals and two to three snacks per day.
  • Enjoying a long daily walk with my dog (he and I both love it).
  • Drinking the water that I need to stay hydrated and flush the toxins from my body as the fat melts away.
  • Dropping 2-3 pounds per week.

How I’m losing weight fast

I am on WW, the newly reconstructed Weight Watchers program. The program advises you that you’ll love one to two pounds each week. However, I am following it and shedding unwanted pounds faster than expected. I attribute that to my long daily walks, rain or shine.

I know, I was doubtful, too. I imagined a bunch of old ladies sitting around a room flipping through their three-ring binders filled with calorie charts and lists of food points.

What I actually found when I went to that first meeting was a mix of women and men, all ranging in age from 19 to 70, all with their smartphones in hand using the WW app.

The new app is fun, easy to use, and unlike the bulky old binders and folders, easily portable. I use it to plan my meals, check out the points of menu items at popular restaurants, and track my exercise, food, and weight loss all in one place.

I’m never hungry!

Skipping meals causes your metabolism to work inefficiently. The end result is that you become cranky, irritable, and can actually make you gain weight—making you even moodier.

With WW, I can indulge in healthy, nutritious zero-point foods whenever I am hungry. These are foods that provide optimal nutrition and supply my dietary needs while supporting these ongoing weight loss efforts and steering me towards my goal weight.

I won’t list the list here, as it’s rather long (over 200 foods) and boring to read lists, right?

Reshaping my body and forming new habits

Here’s the best thing, so far, in my under two months of WW.

The WW program is teaching me both to reshape my body and form new habits. This a vital distinction. Many weight loss programs help you lose weight, then leave you hanging to fend for yourself. This dead- end tactic means that you are left without support or the tools to keep the weight off.

Have you tried other weight loss programs only to lose weight and then gain it back? I know I have! Nothing has worked for more than 4 or 6 weeks for me…until I started WW.

I know this is a lifestyle change. I am learning to embrace concepts such as portion sizes, healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats, exercise, and water. More importantly, I am learning how it all works together to give me the healthy life that I deserve.

Join my journey

Are you ready to make some significant changes to jumpstart weight loss and help you lose weight faster than you thought would be possible? Join me on the journey to wellness and losing weight!

Here’s how.

First, you can follow my blog FiftyPlusFab. I am sharing my newfound love of wellness and a healthy lifestyle there.  Secondly, you can sign up here for a free month of WW—a deal that’s too awesome to pass up! Don’t worry, you can attend workshops in your city!

Let’s get fitter together!

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