Importance of having a workout buddy

Importance of having a workout buddy

Rolling out of bed and heading for a jog or the gym can be a hard task for most. Unless your motivation and self-control skills are spot on, maintaining such a routine without an external voice to keep you going can be quite tiresome. That’s where the buddy system comes into play. It could be a person you work out with or someone who checks in on your weekly to see how you’re doing. Whatever the case, this approach will get you moving; it’s what happens when you have an accountability partner.

Here’s why you should vet and get a workout buddy

You can have fun and be present

One of the ways to keep workouts interesting is maintaining a sense of humor. Take the hard workouts and make a game out of them, for example saying if your muscles don’t cooperate you’ll take them to an ICBC lawyer Vancouver has and file a personal injury claim against it. In some cases, you find that the drier the joke, the better. You can also choose to be observant, saying what you noted during the jog, or feel how your body moves and how it’s different from the previous month. It makes for good conversations after.

You try something new

If you’re new to the gym experience, unless you have a trainer, you’ll find that you steer clear from specific machines. However, with a workout buddy, you have someone cheering you on to try a new exercise variety. The idea that you aren’t alone boostsyou to try out new things as they will work it with you. If your buddy is only a voice in the other end of the line, having a unique experience to talk means you can always impress and keep the phone call worthwhile for both of you.

Fosters healthy competition

It is better if you and your buddy work out, as you’re able to show each other progress, whether in person or via phone. You’ll be forced to push harder and lift that extra weight so that you can have something to write how about. It will mean challenging yourself more, but after a while when you see the payoff on your body, you’ll be more than happy to keep the healthy competition going.

You have a support system

When you have a person pushing you, it makes all the difference. Life can be tough, and you lose a taste for things that you once enjoyed, working out being one of them. However, when you’re at your lowest and have someone checking up on you and giving you gentle nudges to get you back is crucial. That way, all the hard work that you’ve put in doesn’t go to waste.

Wrap up

As it is written, two heads are better than one. If you don’t have a workout buddy, it’s time you got one.

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