How Effective Is CBD Oil For Pain?

How Effective Is CBD Oil For Pain?

One of the many reasons why people find CBD useful is simply because it has a reputation for helping pain management.

Despite being a separate compound from classic marijuana (THC included), plenty of folks have found that it helps reduce long-term pain from a number of causes. Perhaps it’s injury related and left remedial ligament or bone damage that just won’t subside? Alternatively, it’s widely used to help support those enduring chemotherapy and other intrusive medical care programs.

But just how effective can it be for assisting with general pain relief?

A quick disclaimer ought to be mentioned here. During this article, we’ll be drawing quite heavily upon what others have reported towards how CBD helps manage pain.

By no means ought this to be considered an absolute fact that it works for everyone, let alone how much it can assist. People are different and there are so many reasons and circumstances involved that there is simply no guarantee. All we can say is that millions of people have found it beneficial and that in the near future it will most likely be supported by scientific study.

What Does Science Have To Say?

Never forget that CBD is no different to any other vitamin/supplement that many people take on a daily basis. It’s completely benign, impossible to overdose on and will never make you high or fail a drugs screening.

Sure, it’s derived from the marijuana family but that was used (in less engineered fashion) to help relieve pain for thousands of years. Google “marijuana and archaeology” for the proof you’ll need!

Back in the modern day, there’s been stacks of research into how marijuana – inclusive of psychoactive THC – has helped countless numbers of people cope with painful ailments.

Without getting distracted from the key point of this article, it has been the main reason behind the decriminalisation/legalisation of marijuana in more enlightened places on earth.

But can CBD – the extract without the ‘high’ deliver such a relief? Studies suggest that it certainly does.

At the time of writing, most research is still yet to be properly conducted to clinical scale on humans. Yet rodent trials – usually a good indication if something can work for us – are incredibly positive. By eye alone, rats with severe arthritis became far more naturally nimble after a few days of solid CBD dosing. When it comes to cancer, the test subjects saw at best a slight reduction in tumours depending on location – but far more importantly, a reduction in pain.

Do remember that these are basic studies. Far greater trials are going on right now, and we wait with anticipation to see how far these go. But signs are that for zero risks, there’s a potentially huge amount of pain relief on offer when consuming taking a course of CBD.

Understanding CBD & Pain

This is where we’ll draw in anecdotal evidence to support why CBD can be effective for pain relief. Even those who take these supplements for all kinds of reasons will say that taken alone, it’s not going to cure anything. That is for medical science to figure out! But countless people instead side behind the claim that CBD helps to reducethe feelings/symptoms of pain. How can this be the case?

Well, one of the positive we have is a pretty much universal acceptance that the body’s endocannabinoid system is essential. Not just in the sense of supporting the body overall, but also when it comes to managing sensations such as pain.

Despite not carrying an intoxicating ‘high’, CBD seems to be able to assist overworked receptors (CB1 & CB2 for those interested) in becoming overwhelmed. For example – you may stub your toe and it’ll still hurt like hell. But if you have constant lingering physical pain, the chances are that it can help in correlation with standard medications.

Perhaps the best way to think about it is at the most basic level. Plenty of athletes are now using CBD to reduce inflammation in their muscles. Sure, it helps to reduce the pain a little (we’ve all had the aches before) but also speed up recuperation. That’s how it’s best to consider these supplements.

It will very possibly reduce the actual pain – but you’ll still know it’s there. Considering that it’s otherwise utterly benign and does not affect how typical medicines work, then it’s simply a case of you won’t know before you’ve tried it!


There’s plenty more to consider when thinking about trying CBD for pain relief.

From personal experience, it genuinely does work and does for perhaps 75%+ people assuming they hit a suitable dose.

Again, please consider that is from our experiences and by no means a universal catch-all!

Will it make pain vanish? Of course not – that’s what painkillers are for. However, it can be very beneficial to assist with easing pain based symptoms from many different conditions.

If it sounds like CBD may be able to help you but you’re not overly convinced, then just google your condition and place CBD at the end of your search query. Take it from there, and stay proactive because this supplement has already helped millions of people so far. There’s no reason why you cannot join those ranks.

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