Get Affordable Hearing Plans NJ with DentalSave

Get Affordable Hearing Plans NJ with DentalSave

Did you know that over 48 million American citizens suffer from hearing problems? According to a report by the Hearing Loss Association of America, approximately 20 percent of Americans suffering from hearing loss address this problem. Other studies have revealed that untreated hearing loss eventually causes severe health issues including cognitive decline, depression, and a high likelihood of falls, especially for seniors. But, for those who address issues of hearing by wearing hearing devices, they lower the risk of developing diseases such as dementia, they experience an improved balance, and they report a higher level of happiness.

Types of Hearing Aids

Your hearing professional may recommend one or more types of hearing aids based on your aesthetic preferences, level of hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle needs. However, most hearing aids come in different colors and metallic finishes that can complement your hair and skin tone. Some of the common hearing aids include:

Invisible-In-The-Canal or IIC: This is a custom-fitted style for people suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss, and it is inserted deeper into the ear canal than many other styles. Therefore, it will be completely invisible when you wear it. However, you will have to remove these hearing aids on a daily basis to promote proper ear health.

Completely-In-Canal or CIC: This is a hearing instrument that helps correct mild to moderate hearing loss. It is custom-made to fit in your ear canal completely, and the only visible part is the tip of the small plastic handle which you will use to insert and remove this hearing aid.

In-The-Canal or ITC: These are custom-made hearing tools that can correct your mild to severe hearing loss. This type of hearing aids will also fit in your ear canal comfortably. However, they also have a small part showing in the outer ear.

Hearing Plans NJ

Most insurance companies have refused to cover for hearing aids. Although it’s understandable that they may refuse to cover most of these devices for seniors because several older adults will need them, children may sometimes need them. According to a recent report, only a quarter of approximately 35 million who need hearing aids get them. The main reason why the rest don’t get hearing aids is because of money. A single hearing aid can cost a few thousand dollars, and sometimes even more. Because most health insurance companies don’t cover them and Medicare doesn’t pay anything, you may have to shoulder the hefty expense.

Why you Need Hearing Plans NJ

While some hearing aids providers offer extended warranties, other providers have warranties that only last for one year. With hearing plans NJ, you will get water damage, hearing aid repair, and lost hearing aids coverage. Unfortunately, traditional hearing plans NJ are pretty skimpy. While they often cover hearing evaluation tests, after being diagnosed with hearing loss, traditional hearing plans NJ only provide up to $1,000 towards the purchase of hearing aids once in every two to five years. Keep in mind that you will have to replace your hearing aids after every four to six years.

Get Affordable Hearing Plans NJ with DentalSave

Dental, vision and hearing plans NJ are an essential addition to your Medicare Parts A and B coverage. This is because both Medicare plans don’t cover dental, vision and hearing exams and the expenses involved. What’s more, most traditional insurance companies won’t cover them either. Fortunately, after purchasing your dental plan from DentalSave, you will automatically receive an affordable hearing plan. DentalSave has partnered with Amplifon to provide you with exceptional hearing aids. Don’t put off your hearing healthcare, visit DentalSave today.

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