Fancy Pipes and Bongs

Fancy Pipes and Bongs

In my short five years since I began to smoke the good old cannabis sativa plant I have had the pleasure of seeing and smoking from many, many pipes and bongs. A lot of nice ones…and a lot of really ugly, old, grimey ones, coated in thick brown residue. The fact is that regardless of its cleanliness and intricacy, a bong is a bong and if it works fine it’ll do the job for you. Even the most creatively and lovingly designed pieces of glass pipes or bongs will never have an impact on your high. Why is it then that the hand blown glass scene is so popular, and some bongs across the world are being sold for thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars?

The short answer is it’s human nature really, but I’ll go into more detail.

In almost any hobby out there in the world, exists a niche group of people who have the money or resources to afford the best of the best in their chosen hobby’s particular goods. Think about it, car enthusiasts get old classic cars worth more now than ever in the past. Sports enthusiasts with enough money will buy signed relics of their favorite sport like baseball bats or mitts. Golfers that can afford it try and get the best possible set of clubs or golf balls, you get the picture. So when it comes to cannabis enthusiasts, it just so happens that pipes and bongs are the most alluring and prestigious items to be displayed in a collection. With custom glass blowers, you can even get whatever design you’d like commissioned and have a highly personalized and unique piece that nobody else in the world could possibly have.

Generally, the aristocrats of the cannabis scene that own these pieces of functional art don’t even, or very rarely at most, smoke out of these chunks of glass. When you own some glass that pretty, or that valuable, you generally don’t want to dirty it up with actual smoke residue, or worse, risk breaking it. It may seem ridiculous and indulgent from the perspective of people struggling with money, but maybe that could be you one day…money does strange things to people.

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