Medical science has made great strides towards a happier, longer and healthier life. In the past few hundred years we have invented antibiotics and vaccines. This has enabled us to fight diseases we never would have thought possible, including tuberculosis, malaria and rabies. We have managed t eradicate smallpox and plague. However, longer lives, changing environmental conditions and various other factors have made it likely for us to get various other illnesses. Among the many illnesses, which still remain unsolved, cancer is likely to biggest killer. About 10 kinds of cancer take the most number of lives. Non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and various forms of oral and lung cancers are the largest killers in India and worldwide. But these cancers are also preventable and detectable quite early. But not a lot of people find themselves able to access such treatment.

India has an expensive healthcare system with overcrowded government hospitals and overpriced private hospitals. This has resulted in the inability of many people to access proper healthcare. People living Below the Poverty Line and the poor above hit have been the worst hit in this condition. Can crowdfunding provide us with a way out of this? We need to think in greater detail.

Medical fundraising has attained considerable popularity in India because of the above reasons. One of the most common diseases for which crowdfunding is done is cancer. Cancer crowdfunding in India is done through various platforms. All you have to do is start a fundraiser on one of these platforms.

Let us get to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancers that affect women. Breast cancers are common in post-menopausal women and are generally brought to the patient’s notice through the appearance of a lump on the breast. Breast cancers can be detected early through a mammogram. However, mammograms are expensive and inaccessible for a lot of people. Any attempt to combat cancer should begin with early detection. Inexpensive mammograms are a way of doing this.

If you have been detected with breast cancer, what do you do?

Remember that breast cancer is a completely treatable condition. You might be scared because it is a cancer but with the correct treatment, people can make a full recovery from breast cancer. You have to make sure that you get this correct treatment and often this comes at a high price. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, remember that your primary objective should be your treatment as advised by your doctor. You should be bothered about getting well and not about how to get the money to get well. In this situation, we would suggest that you leave the crowdfunding for cancer to someone close to you. If that is impossible, you can create a support team to help you with the crowdfunding.

There are various ways to doing medical crowdfunding right. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Write a lucid fundraiser on a website such an Impact Guru. It only takes about five minutes.

  2. When you write a fundraiser, you have to build credibility around your claims. This is why it is essential you upload documents to back your claims. These include medical documents and pictures of the person concerned.

  3. Remember to make sure that your campaign is well-publicized.

Remember that one of the major pros of fundraising is not just to raise money but also to create a support group. This is why keeping in touch with all your contributors is so important. Your contributors may be survivors of cancer themselves or people who are concerned about cancer. If these people have contributed money towards your treatment, it is your responsibility to keep them updated about your condition. At the same time, these people might be likely to help you out again if required. Hence, they also form a sort of financial support group.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and do not know how to get money to treat yourself, start a medical fundraiser at Impact Guru, one of the biggest platforms for crowdfunding for medical treatment. It is a risk free and a zero-investment process. All you need to do is put in the required labour for publicity.

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