Chocolate Cherry Bars That Are Gluten Free and Vegan Taste Good!

Chocolate Cherry Bars That Are Gluten Free and Vegan Taste Good!

When I say chocolate cherry bars, what is your first reaction?   A child’s eyes would sparkle at the mention of this treat. A mother would say, “Wait until dinner is over!”

This treat is the tip of the iceberg of a dietary revolution and a philosophical movement.  As you consume the first bar, you are not only eating a healthy, nutritious product; you are eating a product free of all traces of animal products.  Also, you may be taking the first step towards veganism.

It is important not to confuse a vegetarian lifestyle from that of a vegan’s.    While a vegetarian’s diet excludes animal products as does a vegan’s, a vegetarian’s diet may also include dairy products.

A vegan’s diet is far more exclusive than that of a vegetarian by excluding dairy products as well as honey.   Vegans take an additional step, for philosophically, they will also eliminate clothing made from animal products.

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Thus, some vegetarians are not true vegans.  The danger of both diets is that the full spectrum of nutrients is not consumed and supplements must be considered.

However, vegans do not want to eliminate their treats, and have available a variety treats that are offered for consumption.   Not wanting to disclose anyone one’s recipe, the following ingredients have been changed, but do represent part of a possible recipe for chocolate cherry oat bars:  8 finely chopped pitted cherries 1/3 cups of gluten free oats, and 4 ounces of vegan dark chocolate.

This recipe does include the vegan dark chocolate, but the oats seem unusual.  The oats are “gluten free.”   Veganism has made room for another dietary revolution, “gluten free.”  There is a “gluten free” movement that is taking over America.

Gluten is protein found in wheat such as wheat berries, durum, emmer, semolina, spelt, farina, faro, graham, hoarsen and einkorn wheat and einkorn, rye, and barley.  Gluten is necessary to maintain the shape of food and to hold foods together.  Some people cannotdigest these wheat-based products, especially those with celiac disease.

There are over 3.1 million Americans who must follow a gluten-free diet.  Some prefer gluten-free food even if they do not, test positive for celiac disease but their bodies may still reject gluten.  Medical research is ongoing to study those who negatively react to gluten and do not have celiac disease.

It is clear that by eliminating dairy and all meat product and their derivatives, the body will need a complete and incomplete protein supplement that does not contain any animal fats including legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.  It should be made clear that proteins are essential to life for proteins are needed for every activity in the body.

When you are making your chocolate cherry bars, make sure the ingredients are both gluten free and vegan.


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