Cancer (Cell Mutation): Cause of Its Onset

Cancer (Cell Mutation): Cause of Its Onset

Cancer the name itself is very dreadful, basically the disease where healthy cells get mutated and malignant. Sometimes people don’t recognize that they are suffering from cancer. Pollution, stressful life and many such conditions are responsible for such fatal diseases. We are living with a misconception that we are having healthy food but nowadays we are not even taking it with its 50% nutritional value.

When we surround with the dire conditions and feel like now we are just compromising the health, then nothing remains left. Nature has provided many of its gifts in the form of medicine. The cannabis plant is grown for its medicinal properties and is proven to treat the fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression and even heart-related diseases. Cannabis oil or medicinal marijuana is available in market and doctors are now prescribing to give the best results in such health issues.

There are many types of cancer, which are classified by the kind of cell affected in the initial stage. Our body has the potential to generate the new cells over the old ones but sometimes the process goes wrong and body starts generating new cells when not in need. Then this ultra bulk of cells that are not needed mutate and become benign or malignant. And after that, they take the form of tumors and the cells from the tumor get invade into the surrounding tissues and spread to other parts of the body.

 Although it is very difficult to know about cancer in its initial stage sometimes people showing symptoms helps them to detect cancer. And this is very much important in the treatment. The treatment and symptoms are according to the type of cancer. But some are the signs that are alarming signs that detect that one is having cancer.

  1. Visible change in size and color of the mole
  2. A nagging Cough
  3. Unusual discharge or bleeding
  4. Changes in the bowel movement and bladder habits
  5. Indigestion
  6. Lump in testicles

There are more chances of survival when the cancer is detected in its early stage. According to the studies, cancer can be divided into four categories:

  1. Leukemia- the blood cancer which starts in the blood tissues like bone marrow.
  2. Sarcoma- connective tissue cancer that basically starts in bone, fat, cartilage and blood vessels etc.
  3. Lymphoma- cancer-related to the immune system
  4. Central nervous system cancer- the cancer of the brain or spinal cord

The onset of this dire disease is influenced by a plethora of factors like age, gender, local environment, lifestyle, tobacco, sunlight and many more. Lifestyle is the major factor that should be healthy to deal with such kind of fatal diseases. People mostly seen that who have the combination of these factors are more at risk of having cancer. Cancer when treated with natural medicine, then nothing is better than that. Nowadays medicines and therapies are available to fight against cancer, but before picking these it is must to have the healthy lifestyle.

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