A guide about protection from injury during weightlifting

A guide about protection from injury during weightlifting

Whether you do weight lifting as exercise or taken up this exercise as your career in sports, precaution and safety measures is paramount for your welfare. Person doing weightlifting should be aware about the risk involved in this exercise and ways to mitigate the risk and injury. This is one of the most dangerous exercises done by body builders. A small mistake or carelessness can cost your life. So be careful while lifting weight. And before thinking to start up this exercise, prepare your body well for this exercise. Below is the guide for preventing injury during weightlifting:

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  1. Cumulative injuries: Because of repetitive doing of exercise the back muscles tends to wear and tear. This injury occurs when your body is not in correct posture while lifting weight. This can even lead to rupture of your spinal cord. Most of the Olympic weight lifter suffers from this kind of injury. Strain in body is also caused by this. You can also develop knee pain if this exercise is not done under expert supervision. To mitigate the injury effect you are advised to wear correct shoes that provide enough friction. As soon as the knee pain starts consult your physician. Always wear knee pad while doing this exercise.
  2. Traumatic injuries: Weightlifting exercise in wrong posture can lead to traumatic injuries like shoulder dislocation. Because the weight is put on shoulder so it can lead to dislocation of bone of neck too. Doing this exercise repetitive with no break can increase the chances of this injury. You can make your shoulder muscles strong by doing isometric exercise. These types of exercise are done to make your muscles and joints strong to handle weight. You can also do abductor stretching. This stretching targets your thigh’s muscles and makes your skeletal muscles strong.
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