A fitness revolution

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Influencers now use social media to encourage fitness enthusiasts and they offer advice on the best training techniques, sharing everything from their favourite protein shakesto the best equipment to use for various exercise drills.


There’s been a definite switch from getting skinny to getting fit and strong. The likes of Instagram have highlighted the popular trends of fitness modelling and female bodybuilding. Previously, bodybuilding would conjure images of figureslike Arnold Schwarzeneggerand other male sportsmen.However, it is nowbecoming increasingly becoming popular amongst women too – who no longer fear that lifting weights will make them look bulky, masculine and unattractive.

The sport has been around for the best part of a century.However, while there are women who have competed historically, the introduction of female participants only began to resonate in 2001.Previous years showed less female involvement due to the gendered stigma attached to the sport.


Rachel McLish was one of the first female bodybuilders of the modern era, winning the first Ms. Olympia in 1980 and again in 1982. Lisa Marie Varon, also known for her professional wrestling career, won her first title in 1997 on ESPN2’s Fitness America Series, followed by the Miss Galaxy title in 1998. Jodie Marsh began her bodybuilding career in 2009. Previously known for TV appearances and occasional glamour model shoots, Marsh redefined herself and developed a muscular physique.

Previously, modelling was more focused around fashion or glamour, where skinny figures, symmetrical faces or big breasts were the must have features. Now, modelling has been revolutionised by sport and fitness. As attitudes have changed weightlifting has become importantfor women.

Social Media

There’s less stigma surrounding women in the gym in recent years. Women now go to the gym to get fit, build muscle and strength as opposed to just losing weight. A lot of the progression in attitudes towards female fitness and female bodybuilding can be attributed to the power of social media.It’s the likes of Instagram photos and videos from popular public figures that have revolutionised the way people think about female bodybuilders and fitness modelling. Social media apps have provided a platform to showcase fitness modelling and bodybuilding achievements that have become appealing to onlookers. The use of clever hashtags has meant that people who are looking for bodybuilding-related posts can be directed to influencers, professionals and amateurs that are posting about it.

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