4 Issues Related to Hair Transplantation that You Must Know

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The hair transplant is an only single and permanent cosmetic surgical procedure that is applied to restore the natural hair from the patient’s own body part. It is like a boon in the plastic & cosmetic surgery industries that has a property of regenerating the hair roots by a simple surgical procedure involving by the hair roots transfer from the donor location into the recipient bald area. Scientifically, it is defined by the process of shifting the hair follicles from the patient’s safe donor area, usually; the occipital & parietal part of the scalp by the extraction method, either by the FUT or an FUE and then implanted the roots into the recipient bald area of the scalp. The procedure involves some sort of side effects or issues if the procedure is received by an inexperienced Surgeon and has a less experience in the field of restoration. The issues of hair transplant can be seen with the experiences of the bleeding, pain, scars, itching, swelling, Etc., which must be sorted out timely in order to get the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

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So, it is a matter of concern to choose the hair transplant Surgeon after doing a proper homework. You can take help from many hair restoration forums, network and platforms in order to know the name of a good Surgeon for the same in your location.

Nowadays, the hair transplant in Dubai is an evolving option due to better medical facilities, services and cost option; it is because the Indian Surgeons have successfully established their clinics in the UAE itself!

On the matter of cost, the hair transplant cost in Dubai also becomes an affordable option due to our Indian Surgeons and their flair cost planning based on the usable number of grafts supports a lot in the section of cost estimation.

Here is the list of top 4 issues related to Hair Transplantation is jotted down below:

  1. Pain: It is a very common myth among the hair loss/bald people that the procedure of restoration involves pain & discomfort. But, the fact is all different as there is no relation of pain and the hair transplant. The expert Surgeon applies the local anesthesia to reduce the pain while harvesting is done. The effect of local anesthesia lasted 10-12 hours until the procedure gets complete. So, saying that it involves pain and discomfort has no medical base.
  2. Scars: Scars after the procedure can be hidden with the advanced closing technique if the procedure technique is the FUT. By the use of Trichophytic closure, the Surgeon closes the strip excised incision part in such a manner that the edges of the incision will overlap with each other and the hair roots started to grow just on the closing line. In this way, the procedure doesn’t leave any kind of scars at all! However, the expert Surgeon recommends the technique of FUT for the hair transplantation in most of the cases rather than the FUE technique.
  3. Swelling: swelling is very common after the hair transplant procedure as an effect of the surgical restoration, which can last up to 2-3 days and in a very rare case it cause a black eye to developing. It is a very common experience to get the swelling after the procedure and there is no need to worry about that as it goes naturally itself.
  4. Numbness: Numbness feeling can be experienced at the donor is from where the strip has been excised for getting the grafts and can be lasted up to 18 weeks. It is inevitable after the restoration procedure and it is not a matter of serious concern, if it persisted beyond the 18 weeks, you must consult with your hair transplant Doctor.  


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is only safe if the performing Surgeon is an expert and a well-versed in doing so with a number of years excellence. You must think on the matter of Surgeon selection and it is mandatory to do a thorough check about the Surgeon’s qualifications, experience, results and their recognition in order to get the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

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