How Much Do Fusion Hair Extensions Cost in Canada?

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The hair extension technology is a great possibility to change your look drastically in a very short time. Of course, this change costs money, but the value is justified by the fact that the hair extension procedure gives a chance not to wait a year for hair to grow back on its own or become stronger due to the course of vitamins. You pay for an instant result. 

However, since there are a lot of propositions of hair extensions on the market, there is a risk to get the deal with overcharge. So, it is better to buy directly from a hair supplier that offers a good price-quality ratio. Such as I Love Slavic Hair. This online shop offers reasonable prices for high-quality Russian fusion hair extensions.  

Fusion extension is one of the most popular types of permanent hair extensions because it does not damage your hair. Russian fusion hair extensions last on average nine months with reapplication every 3 months. I Love Slavic Hair offers the best price for this type of hair extension. The cost varies from $270 to $345 USD per 100 grams. 

To determine the value of the product, it is necessary to decide on all its peculiarities in accordance with your individual preferences and requirements. So, the price of fusion hair extension depends on:

  • Strand length (the shortest option is 45 cm, and the longest one is 70 cm) 
  • Color (blonde, black, brown, red, ombre)
  • Hair texture (wavy, straight) 
  • The number of hair strands

The price is justified by the high quality of the offered product and first-class service. You pay for hair extensions, which does not limit you. You are free to dye and tone your new hairstyle and use heat styling. Moreover, Russian fusion hair extensions are compatible with all hair types. 

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