3 tips to go from being a couch potato to more active

3 tips to go from being a couch potato to more active

Americans suffer from obesity more than any developed country.  Not surprising since most people are very sedentary.  Interested in becoming more active?  It is pretty easy.  First, you will need to turn off the television and put the video controller. All it really takes is the action of becoming more active.  One can begin by being involved in active movement for 30 minutes a day.  What is considered active movement?  Anything that gets you involved moving and not sitting around. It can be gardening, walking, running, tennis, golf or swimming.  Consider doing any activity that promotes movement.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Stair climbing burns a ridiculous amount of calories and it is great for the heart.  It can be done in work attire or active wear.  It helps individuals to learn to engage their diaphragm and breathe better. 

Practicing yoga.  Encourages centered thought and brings energy and intentions to the present moment.  Yoga does require participants to wear comfortable clothing.  There are many different types of yoga: they can be restorative, it can be goal oriented, a philosophy and a practice. It aids in building inner prana or chi.  Individuals that practice yoga learn more about themselves than others as they learn to extend themselves beyond their comfort zones.

Another option is to learn to run. The best way to approach running for a non-runner is to start by walking then incorporating running for a brief time and alternating between running and walking.  If you start in this way, walking 5 minutes and running 2 minutes; one builds their confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.  There are many self-help programs that aid in transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.  Check out Couch to 5K if you are interested.

It is best to wear comfortable clothes like the ones found at A’GACI in their active wear section.  The clothes are breathable and nonrestrictive. It is also best to wear cotton or wicking based clothes that will pull sweat off of the wearer and aid in cooling them down.  Making the transition from being sedentary to more active is a mindset.  It requires action on the part of the participant and a willingness to commit.  If you do, in six months to one year, you won’t recognize yourself.  Next thing you know you will be running marathons.

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