DNA Based Dieting for Weight Loss

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Weight loss is one thing that many people in this world are looking forward to achieve. But not any are able to get effective results as expected. Exercises, dieting and even the supplements are not helping them to lose weight. There are several medical surgeries as well that people undergo in order to get rid of the extra weight and get a healthy body but not everyone is suggested to undergo the surgery. So, the new trend these days is the DNA weight loss.

Yes, the genes of your body will now decide which compound is resulting in weight gain and what all things you need to avoid for getting a perfectly shaped figure. You can visit New England Fat Loss center to know more about the process.

In order to know what suits you and what not, you need to undergo a test. Variations in the genes tell what our bodies can metabolize and what not. Like in people who have CYP1A2 variation, metabolism of caffeine is really slow. Thus, high level of caffeine can result in hypertension and heart attack. Such people need to cut down the caffeine content for a healthy life.

In the same ways, genes are tested to know which all nutrients are needed and which should be avoided to lose weight. During the tests, the genetic and ancestry health risks are determined.


For getting the tests done, you do not need to send the blood or tissue samples. You can just swab your cheeks and send the samples. Then after testing the clients are categorized in four different categories:

  • Those who are sensitive to carbs
  • Those who are fat sensitive
  • Some can be sensitive to mix of carbs and fat
  • Some might not have any sensitivity

Based on the analysis their diet is planned and under the supervision of experts they are able to achieve their fat loss and weight loss goals.

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