What You Should Know About Kriya Yoga Before You Start Practicing It

What You Should Know About Kriya Yoga Before You Start Practicing It

Do you want to be happy and fulfilled? It’s a simple question, yet a lot of people find it hard to answer right away. This is because, in truth, happiness, as we seek it, isn’t achievable so easily.

Being secure, successful, satisfied, and joyful are only a few forms of happiness. And all of them take time and dedication in order to come true. But most importantly they start from you. Yes, deep inside everyone has what it takes to be happy. They just have to find it and accept what they have with gratitude and joy. Only when this happens do you come to the spiritual awakening most people are after.

Don’t worry! Kriya Yoga can be your companion on this path. Want to learn more details about it including how to practice it? Then be our guest and enjoy!

History of Kriya Yoga

The West got introduced to Kriya Yoga thanks to Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought the tradition to America in 1920. Since then, using the teachings of his guru, he managed to transfer the spiritual value of this type of yoga to all interested people.

Moreover, he wrote the now-bestselling book ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi’, which still inspires people to start practicing Kriya Yoga and dive deeper into their relationship with infinity. In this form, the tradition has been passed on from guru to disciple for centuries.

How to Practice It

In the base of this type of yoga lies meditation and spiritual enlightenment. Through the universal and intentional approach what it tries to do is bring closer the meaningful and healthy living, which is a vital part of the enlightenment people are chasing. Connected to this, by practicing this yoga, you learn that it’s all natural and the stability appears when the mental boundaries are gone.

As for its elements, Kriya Yoga unites all yoga systems in one. More precisely, there is raja yoga’s step-by-step meditation, the way of self-inquiry that belongs to jnana yoga, bhakti yoga’s surrender as well as the selflessness introduced in karma yoga.

All of these contribute to the total transformation of one’s point of view, pronouncing the importance of self-consciousness and understanding that you are the soul and not just body and mind.

In Conclusion – Why Kriya Yoga Matters Today

After all of this, it should be clear that Kriya Yoga isn’t a religion. Instead, it represents living a life you’ve always wanted, happy and fulfilled. As more and more people discover it and get awakened, the dream to see a world in unison is stronger than ever. This is especially due to the transformation of people’s minds, embracing the spiritual, and striving to achieve harmony with everything and everyone. Only when you accept the beauty in you and everywhere around you, you’ll have a chance to reach the happiness you are after.

So, what do you think about Kriya Yoga? Are you practicing it or plan to? Share your opinions with us here!

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