This Woman Lost 2st in Just 11 Weeks with No Exercise – Here’s How She Did It

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If you ask anyone what’s the best way to lose weight, ‘diet and exercise’ is probably the most common answer you’re going to get. However, some of us simply can’t exercise. Not because of those common excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I need to be motivated” but because of injuries and limitations to movement.

Featured as one of Love It Magazine’s “Weight Loss Wonders”, Sue Collingwood relates to this very much. She suffered a back injury, which made it difficult for her to exercise. For years, Sue struggled to lose weight because of the pain she felt during workouts.

“I started to put pressure on my joints and aggravated my arthritis. I had lost all confidence and stopped going to social events where I felt uncomfortable,” says Sue.

But in just 11 weeks, Sue lost 2 stones or 28 pounds! So, how did she do it?

Sue’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed

From a dress size 18 down to dress size 12, Sue proudly credits Mediweight for her body transformation. Mediweight is a medically-supervised weight loss program which helps people get results quickly and safely, all while developing healthy lifestyle habits.

The program has different components which include a flexible eating plan, body contouring treatments, and continuous expert guidance. Their experts understand that not everyone has the same weight loss goals and needs, so they tailor custom programs for each client.

Mediweight’s eating plan is designed to provide rapid weight loss. Don’t frown just yet, this diet is not aiming to starve you and make you hungry all the time. Mediweight makes sure to incorporate foods that are tasty, healthy, and filling. There’s also a wide variety to choose from, including meals, snacks and drinks.

“I had more confidence in Mediweight because it’s a doctor-devised diet. The high-protein meals sachets were easy to prepare and take to work,” says Sue.

Another huge plus to the Mediweight diet program is that it’s totally flexible – meaning you can get creative and design your own diet. This throws in a little bit of fun to make sure that you’ll enjoy the process of losing weight. Anyway, who said weight loss had to be hard and you had to starve all the time?  This eating plan definitely takes away the hunger and gloom that usually comes with weight loss, and replaces it with a happy and delightful experience.

Expert Guidance All The Way

One of Mediweight’s major components is its line of medical experts ready to assist you with your weight loss journey. When you first book your consultation, a specialist doctor will take a full medical history, carry out some blood tests, and analyze your body composition. Only then will you be assigned a Mediweight program that is fit for your needs.

All throughout your program, you will have medical visits, nutritional guidance, and even counseling sessions to help you through the process. It’s not the kind of program that just gives you diet sachets and leaves you on your own. Let’s admit it, weight loss can be tough. But with the proper guidance from specialists who will hold your hand along the way, it makes it a lot easier.

Sue praises Mediweight for the expert assistance they provide. “Weekly medical supervision and contact with therapists during my body contouring treatments were a real help,” she says.

In addition, they also offer a post-program for ongoing maintenance and support. Even after you’ve achieved your weight loss goals, Mediweight helps you to keep those pounds off and stay in good shape.

But wait, there’s more…

To give you faster results, the program also includes body contouring treatments to target diet-resistant body fat. These treatments are a great way to firm, tone and tighten skin. Sometimes, weight loss causes skin to become loose and saggy. To prevent this side effect from happening, the program has advanced ultrasound treatments that target superficial fat and cellulite. In addition, they have skin tightening treatments that stimulate collagen production to firm the skin. Say goodbye to those unsightly flabs!

Customizable diets, expert guidance, doctor supervision, and advanced body contouring treatments. What’s not to love about the Mediweight program? Visit a clinic near you or call 0208 049 2309 to book your consultation today.

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