The Scope for Liver Disease Crowdfunding in India: Lakshmi’s Story

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It began as an opportunity for the average employee to make a social impact as only philanthropists and foundations did previously. Now, however, crowdfunding has expanded to include a plethora of causes to serve multiple industries, like artists, community developers, students, innovators and patients.

Taking up nearly half of India’s crowdfunding scene, medical crowdfunding platforms are efficient in aiding countless patients across India afford their medical procedures. Since medical expenses have been on the rise, the crowdfunding industry has been booming in the country, providing the easiest and risk-free method of raising funds. Medical campaigns sprout in abundance on any given day, and most are able to raise the money they need in a short span of time. Crowdfunding has proved to be a boon for the patient that cannot afford the healthcare solutions he deserves to receive.

Platforms like Impact Guru see dozens of underprivileged, low and middle income families creating campaigns on any given day, to treat liver conditions their loved ones suffer.

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Lakshmi’s family sets an example.

“First they said it was jaundice, then that it was dengue. Finally, they said that if my daughter doesn’t get a liver transplant within a week, her life is at stake” says Sivaram, the father.

At 8, Lakshmi suffers what no other little girl can imagine going through. When she fell ill with jaundice and failed to recover months later, doctors discovered that she was battling chronic liver disease. Her condition had gone unnoticed and had worsened over time. The diagnosis was made nearly too late. Lakshmi has a sliver of a chance to survive.

Sivaram is an rickshaw driver with a meagre and unstable income of Rs 7000 per month. Despite his low earnings, he manages to send Lakshmi and her brother Dinesh to school. With no way of affording the Rs 15 lakhs liver transplant procedure she urgently needs, Sivaram turned to create a crowdfunding campaign with Impact Guru.

Lakshmi awaits her recovery, battling her pain quietly. The 8-year-old spends her days on a hospital bed, dreaming of going back to school and seeing her friends. Lakshmi’s story is only one of thousands that are choosing crowdfunding platforms to tell their stories and seek help. Fortunately, crowdfunding has been tried and tested to yield great results; medical campaigners have been seen to raise the funds they need in days, and often overnight! Join Lakshmi and other campaigners in the effort to make healthcare an affordable reality for all.

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