Why You Should Consider an MRI the Next Time You Need Body Imaging

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging, popularly known as MRI is one of the most modern technologies used by doctors to get a clear image of the inner structures of the body. Its use can be compared to that of X-rays or CT scan. But MRI scans are quite different from the other two technologies in very many aspects.

Firstly, the working of MRI is quite different from that of X-Rays and CT scan. X-ray is one of the oldest technologies used in imaging. X-ray utilizes radiations that are strong enough to penetrate the body and other materials. An X-ray primarily takes images in two dimensions of the body. Computer Tomography, also known as CT scan is an advanced version of X-rays. It is used to take pictures of the bone and soft tissue by using radiations.

MRI is the most recent technology to be developed for body imaging. Unlike X-rays and CT scan, MRI minimizes the use of radiations on patients. The technique is ideal for use on children or for individuals who need multiple images. It is also more effective compared to the other two technologies. It produces a clearer image of the bones and soft tissue, muscles, ligaments, and cartilage.

How MRI Works

MRI technology utilizes the body fluids to obtain a clear image of the body tissues and organs. Seventy-five percent of the human body is made of fluids. The chemical composition of water is H2O, which means that there are numerous hydrogen atoms in the body. When the human body is placed into a large magnetic field, the hydrogen atoms are aligned in one direction. The MRI utilizes radio frequency to excite these atoms and consider the amount of excitation and the time it takes for them to relax. The MRI device can then capture the image of the internal structure of the body since hydrogen atoms in different parts of the body takes different time to get excited/ relax.

How Safe is an MRI?

According to MRI imaging Kenai ak, this technology is generally safe for use. They don’t utilize radiations which are associated with adverse side effects. Just like any other imaging technology, physicians should exercise some safety precautions to ensure the success of the MRI imaging technique.

Considering that MRI machines utilize highly powered magnets, patients are advised to remove any metal pieces from their body. Objects such as earrings, metal implants or even some tattoos can pose danger to a patient when exposed to an MRI machine.

Candidates for MRI Imaging

MRI body imaging technique has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. it used to get a clear picture of ligaments tears, pain problems, ankle sprains, stress fractures, which would otherwise be difficult to point using X-ray or CT scan.

Preparing for MRI Imaging

Some patients may freak out by just seeing an MRI machine. In some cases, a doctor may prescribe a sedative to help the patient relax during the imaging process. Mostly, it is very difficult to get a child to relax once inside the MRI tube.

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