Why Is It Important To Have Eye Exam?

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Perhaps you have been wondering whether going for an eye exam is important; here are some essential reasons to consider.

  • It lowers the danger of myopia

The rate at which children are developing myopia is alarming; hence, it has become an epidemic. It is now a big concern because a child who has become nearsighted at a young age can experience worsened nearsightedness.

This nearsightedness can continue all through childhood and this might cause serious sight-threatening eye conditions such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, eye cancer, and cataracts in the future.

The best solution to this is an eye exam. You need an annual eye exam appointment to assess the risk of myopia. If it is detected early, necessary control measures will be adopted to slow down its progress and reduce the risk of serious eye conditions in the later future.

  • It provides more benefits than regular eye screening

Most times, we believe that we do not have any eye condition because we are seeing perfectly. Passing a school vision screening as a child or vision screening at the motor vehicle department as an adult is not a guarantee that we do not have any eye issues. It is only people with serious vision issues that can be detected at vision screenings.

To avoid any issue, it is necessary to visit an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam. An eye exam will let you know if your vision is clear or maybe you are free from any potential eye disease.

  • It helps detect other serious health problems

Through an eye exam, you can know if you have any serious health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol.

When you go for a comprehensive eye exam, the optometrist can observe and evaluate the condition of the blood vessels on your retina. Through this, they can know the health of the blood vessels all over your body. With the knowledge of changes in the appearance of the blood vessels and retinal blood supply, the doctor can detect health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Going for an annual eye exam is very essential for people with diabetes and other health conditions. Diabetic eye disease does not have visible symptoms; therefore, it is only through a comprehensive eye exam that the signs can be detected. Once it is detected, the necessary treatment will be given to prevent vision loss. Failure to go for regular eye exams could lead to blindness.

  • It aids children’s success in school

About 80% of what children learn in and outside the school requires good vision. Sadly, good vision is worsening in many children. This is particularly due to the increase in the number of times that children spend looking at screens of their electronic gadgets.

To ensure that your child can see comfortably and clearly, you need to take the child to an annual eye exam. Good vision aids success in the classroom and increases participation in extracurricular activities such as sports.

With the points provided above, it is now obvious that the need for an eye exam can never be overemphasized. So, visit an optometrist today for a comprehensive eye exam.

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