Who Are Good Candidates for Dental Implants?

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How many teeth did you miss or lose? Have you ever thought about replacing your lost and missed teeth? Everyone who has lost a tooth or several teeth has to find the best way to replace the missed teeth because the empty place of teeth can cause different jaw bones, gum lines, and oral issues. We recommend dental implants if you are searching for a long-lasting replacement tooth. You may be a good candidate for this cosmetic dental treatment. To answer this question, you have to consult with a professional cosmetic dentist. This skillful dental doctor will examine your oral and dental health and then inform you about the possibility rate of success implant. So, in the first step of replacing your lost teeth, you need to find a talented dentist with enough training in implant procedures. They can realize who the best candidate for implants is.

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Who Can Try Dental Implants Procedure? 

According to a Vancouver dental implants specialist, people who lost and missed their teeth for different reasons but searched for a particular dental treatment to look nice and have white or natural teeth can try dental implants. It is a popular and practical method to replace lost and missed teeth. 

Some people have their implants for a lifetime because they care about their implants in the best way. Note that not everyone can be a suitable nominee for implants. Some people are the best candidate for implants due to below reasons: 

  • Miss their teeth after a dental injury
  • Lose their tooth because of decay and other dental diseases
  • Have loose denture
  • Need support to hold the dental bridge
  • Involve with facial collapse
  • Have dental infection
  • Need tooth removal process
  • Cannot chew properly
  • Cannot speak in a good way
  • Face jawbone loss

According to the above conditions, you can be one of the best choices for implants. If you have any of mentioned above conditions, you can get ready for implant surgery as soon as possible. Don’t forget to negotiate with your cosmetic dentist too.

vancouver dental implants

Who Should Avoid Dental Implants?

As we said, implant surgery is not suitable for everyone. Although implants are one of the best methods in cosmetic dentistry services, some people are not good candidates for this process. 

Consider special conditions where you might not be a good implant candidate. In case of gum disease, you must not try implants. 

Based on the gathered information, gum diseases are effective on your jawbone so you may face more severe jawbone issues. Choose your cosmetic dental doctor based on experience in the implant process and the demanded cost. 

Your chosen cosmetic dentist can realize if you have to avoid the implant process. Other types of people who are not suitable for implants are smokers. 

Based on gathered information and reports, most smokers have lost their implants because smoking is too harmful to implants. 

In addition, the healing process of smokers after implant surgery will be too long. We recommend you give up smoking before getting ready for implant surgery.

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