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A lot of people suffer the problem of poor sleep pattern. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep and make you have very bad days and can even affect your physical health and emotions. It can also negatively impact you in other ways such becoming obese, risk of type 2 diabetes, low memory, heart disease, low concentration and even high blood pressure. However, there are very easy and natural ways that you can use to improve the amount of your sleep. You may also choose not to use prescriptions for sleep aid as there are several natural ways that can be used to adjust your sleep patterns.

What are the tips for a good sleep?


  • Drink up
  • Use of melatonin supplements
  • Exercise


You should drink up but not alcohol. Alcohol can really interfere with your sleep. You can take warm milk, sour cherry juice or chamomile tea. Although no research has proven that these drinks can really boost your sleep, you can try them as they have no harm at all. They are recommended for people who need treatment with no drug interactions or side effects. Warm milk has long been taken by most people before they go to sleep and it is believed to have chemicals which simulate the tryptophan effects on your brain. It is actually a chemical that helps in creation of serotonin. Serotonin is a substance that causes sleep-wake transition. Using chamomile tea may also be very helpful. It has flavonoids which interact with receptors called benzodiazepine on the brain. They also help with the sleep-wake transition. Unlike earl grey or green tea, it does not contain any caffeine. Tart of sour cherry juice may help in the production of melatonin and in turn help in supporting good sleep cycle.

Exercising is always important for anything in your life. Be involved in physical activities can really help in improving sleep. Average aerobic exercise improves the amount of sleep that you will get. But you also have to be good in timing as aerobic exercise can release endorphins. These are chemicals that can make you stay awake. That is the reason why you always feel so energized after an exercise. Exercise can also raise your body temperature which will in turn always send signals to your body that it needs to wake up for training. Try avoiding working out within the hours of bed time.

Using melatonin supplements is another very important thing. This is a hormone which is released naturally in your brain about four hours earlier than the time we start feeling sleepy. This is a natural occurrence that is always caused by your body in response to reduce in light exposure. However, with the advancement in technology, the exposure to lights from things such as phones, televisions or laptops can alter with the melatonin release. Sandman Sleep Aid has melatonin as one of its ingredients and has proved to very a very great sleep aid product  and is highly designed to assist you in sleeping faster and deeply so that you may wake up with a good feeling.

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