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Losing weight is not only a matter of losing pounds but also losing the bad unhealthy habits that may lead to serious health risks. In the world of diet program, online program has now been very common in the last few decades. Among the most notable online program dedicated for dieters, Weight Watchers has certainly included in the category. The aim of Weight Watchers diet program is to lose weight and live healthier, two important aims at once. It claims to help dieters losing 2 pounds every week.

Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale

Weight Watchers believe diet is not just counting the calories of every meal but also about making behavior changes and healthier choices toward better quality of life so the dieters can feel much better during the process. Recently, the Weight Watchers has launched a new program known as Beyond the Scale Program in 2015. It is particularly created to help dieters eat better, shift mindset and move more toward better life quality.

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Similar to other programs from Weight Watchers, Beyond the Scale assigns every beverage and food SmartPoints value. The value is calculated based on the nutrition amount. The value increases when the food contains higher sugar and saturated fat. As for the food with higher protein amounts, it is given with lower value. Choices of food that can make dieters full longer represent the foods that cost the least. These include the nutritionally dense foods. For instance, there are two choices of foods on the table with the same amount of calorie, chicken salad sandwich and lobster bisque soup, the smarter choice to eat is definitely the sandwich.

According to the members, they are able to lose 15% more weight in the first 8 weeks after signing up in the program. This number is definitely good news. Moreover, this new program also provides access for members to have online phone or chat consultation as well as in person meetings to help them following the program and learning the behavioral weight management techniques for successful diet. In this program, no fixed membership period is known. It is purely according to the members.

Components of Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale

As the newest program in Weight Watchers, Beyond the Scale focuses on three different components for successful diet. They are eating healthier, learning techniques and skills to shift the mindset and doing fitness that is suitable to lifestyle.

With the use of the new food plan called SmartPoints, the members can design their eating pattern that represents healthier choices with higher protein, lower sugar, saturated fat and calories. Like other programs in Weight Watchers, there is always flexibility. As long as the members can stick to the daily SmartPoints target, they can eat anything including unhealthy foods once in a while as a reward. To help calculating the point values of foods enlisted in daily meal plan, use the available desktop food database or mobile app from Weight Watchers.

According to the database, processed foods such as pasta have higher point values as they are higher in saturated fat and calories. On the other hand, foods with zero points include most vegetables and fresh fruits. These are the foods that dieters can eat as many as they want until they feel full. The fact that zero point foods are nutrient-dense foods makes them great choices to be eaten in daily basis to feel full. However, the starchy vegetables, dried fruit and fruit juice do not count as freebies because they are dense in calorie.

Recipes from Weight Watchers

Living a healthy diet by eating healthy homemade meal is always a better choice than eating pre-packaged foods. Therefore, the dieters of Weight Watchers are provided with a very long list of healthy food recipes accessible online. The recipes database helps them to design their meal plan consisting of healthy foods and beverages in daily basis. Not only are the recipes useful to help cook healthy food but also delicious food choices.

Track Exercise with FitPoints

Beyond the Scale from Weight Watchers focuses on exercise as much as on healthy food choices. Today, members are offered with new tool known as FitPoints. It represents new metric to help them tracking their exercise and activity. Each member has FitPoints goal that is personalized according to the initial assessment. The great thing is the FitPoints can actually be earned from any kinds of activity anywhere and anytime including walking the dog and cleaning the house. Members are also assisted to start being active by uncovering so many easy and ways to move more. And, it also syncs with many popular apps like Jawbone, Apple Health, MisFit, Withings and FitBit.

Cost of Weight Watchers

As people may find them interested joining the program as member, they have to pay certain amount of money based on the plan they prefer to have. Here is the list of the cost variation for all the available plans:

  1. OnlinePlus is a plan that features digital tools and chat service available 24/7. For $19.95/month, this plan is recommended for passive online subscribers
  2. Meetings is a plan featuring access to the digital tools and in person meetings. It costs $44.95/month and is suitable for those who need in person guidance via meetings. Those with more difficult cases of overweight usually prefer this plan.
  3. Personal Coaching is another plan featuring the one-on-one personal support with professional coach in addition to access to all digital tools. At $54,95 per month, this plan is much recommended for those who want to go through intensive diet regime to achieve the targeted goals.
  4. Total Access is the ultimate plan that costs $65.95 per month. As the name suggests, it is a plan featuring access to all digital tools, Personal Coaching and Meetings. With this plan, it is usually easier for dieters to lose more weight and achieve their goals in shorter period of time.

With losing weight and living healthier on the list as the two main goals, Weight Watchers can be the right choice.

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