Testosterone, let’s clarify

Testosterone, let’s clarify

Is wrong to put on the same level the use of Cross Sex Hormones, the physical castration for gender change and the Triptorelin as done during the discussion of the question presented by Gilda Sportiello (M5S) and by the Undersecretary Armando Bartolazzi, who have also been very sensitive to the need of FtM transsexual people, from woman to man, to receive Testosterone or analogs exactly like cisgender males with hypogonadism.

For this reason, it is necessary to clarify because they are three different elements, which will lead to three conclusive requests:

1) Cross Sex Hormones

Gender identity has to do with the sexual body, which corresponds or not to one’s mind.

Due to the unavailability in Italy, the different difficulty in each Region to obtain it, the age of majority to have a legal prescription, the social, health and family embarrassment, to claim a health right, many FtM people (born women but with male gender identities) are forced to use the Internet, the black market and commit crimes to obtain Testosterone.

It is even easier for sporting cisgender males, especially bodybuilders, to get paid, from doctors and conniving coaches, recipes that lie about their hypogonadism, because this path is covered by the LEA.

The use of Cross Sex Hormones is generally necessary for transsexual people to modify their body in the direction that corresponds to their Gender Identity and scientific evidence also exists at the level of neuroimaging, in the numerous innate differences.

2) The modification of the genitals or castration

Castration, producing the absence of sex hormones, does not obtain the same effect at all, because, if it reduces the characteristics of gender, it does not produce those of the opposite sex at all!

Physical castration is required only by a minority of transsexual people for the sole purpose of obtaining genitals similar to those of the sex to which they feel they belong and not for the consequent hormonal changes.

The percentage of FtM males that modify their genitals, given the poor efficiency of the neo-penis in terms of erection and enjoyment, is very minimal

3) Minor Gender Variant and Triptorelin

The Triptorelin is a completely different story … It is a hormone that suspends adolescence, so as not to impose on transgender people a body modified by sex hormones in the direction that comprar cypionate 250 does not correspond to their identity. Kind.

Only very few Gender Variant Minors, as teenagers, request it, because most Gender Variant Minors are not transgender but children who confuse their sexual orientation (homosexual or bisexual) or their Gender behavior (effeminate or virago) with the Gender identity. This confusion is heightened by the homophobic publicity of those who invented the nonexistent enemy of the Gender Theory.

All scientific studies have shown that you are transgender or not, you do not become culturally influenced!

Gender Variant teenagers already have the clearest ideas, especially if followed by a psychologist who made him Sex Orienteering.

These teenagers are only entitled to Triptorelin, which in Italy is further restricted by the presentation of serious psychiatric symptoms.

Beyond the homophobic and transphobe fantasies, the free use of Cross Sex Hormones and in the adolescence of Triptorelin guarantee in two different ways only the well-being of Transgender people, putting them or enabling them to carry out a life like all the other citizens.

The suspension or non-use or bureaucratic obstacles (including the change of personal sex) to obtain Cross Sex Hormones prevents the well-being and life of Transgender people. The same obstacles also exist for the Prevention and Treatment of other pathologies, which have gender restrictions.

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