Simplifying US Pharmaceutical Exports

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The pharmaceutical distribution industry can be complicated. The distribution chain, involving drug companies, health care institutions, physicians, patients and foreign governments can easily seem overwhelming to companies trying to purchase US pharmaceutical exports.

The importance of getting it right

A company dedicated to pharmaceutical exports can not only help in understanding and simplifying the process, but can help to ensure that all transactions comply with local and foreign regulations and laws.

It is important to understand the requirements of the importing country, in addition to the requirements for US pharmaceutical exports. Importing countries often have their own regulations to protect their citizens from injury or death, and to keep control on their own costs and potential compensation claims.

Not fully understanding and meeting foreign requirements can lead to issues such as customs delays or denials and the additional and often high, costs of penalties and returned shipments. Not to mention the effects on patients who are waiting for and relying on treatment.

Making it simple for healthcare providers

Healthcare providers, who are on the forefront of providing the best care available, are always searching for ways to manage their operations more effectively. Traditional healthcare provider relationships directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers are cumbersome and complicated. Many healthcare institutions and providers are now turning to US pharmaceutical exporters to simplify the process andaquire the drugs they need to help their patients.

To avoid unexpected problems, it is important that institutions and providers use a reputable pharmaceutical export company, one that has been through the comprehensive US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requirements process for pharmaceutical exporters. Customers should also ensure that the products they are buying are FDA approved, something a reputable pharmaceutical exporter will guaranteed.

How it works

Most FDA-approved generic and brand drugs that are currently on the market are available for purchase. We can assist you with understanding and following the export and import regulations for your country, and we are available to guide you through the entire process.

Depending on the specific drug being ordered and whether there is sufficient inventory, orders are generally shipped in two to four weeks. In some cases, such as for certain cancer treatment drugs, we are able to process urgent orders. These also depend upon manufacturer availability. If the drug is available, it can ship within forty-eight hours. Products are generally delivered in one shipment, except in cases where there is a product shortage. These may require multiple shipments.

For first-time customers, payment is made in cash. Thereafter, recurring customers will have access to a confirmed line of credit for easy and efficient payment.

Simplifying US pharmaceutical exports is our business. Our goal is to help you reduce costs for you and your patients, while delivering high quality products as soon as possible.

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