Norco Ranch- Reasons To Consume Egg Whites Daily!

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People love to eat eggs for breakfast every morning. However, only a handful are aware of the nutritional benefits of consuming this popular food item especially the egg white. Prominent nutritionists say generally an egg white contains not more than 70 calories, only four grams of protein and around nine percent of the recommended daily intake of selenium. However, unlike the yolk it does not contain any saturated fats or cholesterol. However, eggs have various minerals such as potassium and sodium that help to maintain the electrolyte levels in your body. You can also consume it as a suitable substitute for sugar.

Norco Ranch eggs – A name to reckon with in the American poultry industry

Norco Ranch is one of the premier local egg producers and suppliers in the area of Southern California with over 40 years of experience under its belt. The professionals who work in the multi-generational family owned farms that form this organization deploy comprehensive and stringent food safety procedures to ensure their consumers get eggs of the highest quality. This is the reason why this establishment is the first- choice among people of this area.

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Many prominent medical practitioners say that egg white has the following health benefits:

  1. Minimizes the risk of arterial sclerosis

These professionals explain that if you suffer from high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, a heart ailment or diabetes, then egg whites are ideal for you. In fact, various medical studies show that if you eat egg white every morning it can lead to a significant decrease in your cholesterol levels.

  1. Assist in ensuring a healthy pregnancy

Norco Ranch eggs experts explain that one egg contains only four grams of protein. However, it is enough for a human embryo to develop and thrive in a woman’s womb. In fact, these medical experts explain that women who consume egg whites during their pregnancy are less likely to deliver premature and light weight babies. Moreover, this food item provides the mother with sufficient energy during this period of her life.

  1. Builds muscles

Contrary to what most people who exercise in a gym regularly believe consuming plenty of proteins does not build strong muscles. Nutritionists explain the human body needs certain important amino acids such as Glycine to biosynthesize these necessary proteins that are found in meat and dairy products like egg whites. When you consume these protein at the right moment you gain strength because your muscles get the nutrients they need to repair themselves after an intensive workout.

  1. Ideal substitute for sugar

Excessive intake of sugar can lead to various health hazards like obesity, heart disorder, liver diseases and slow metabolism. However, medical practitioners say including egg whites in your diet in an effective way to control your sugar cravings.

  1. Enhance the health of your skin

Egg white can be very advantageous for your skin whether you consume in your daily diet or use them as a facial mask. In fact, this portion of the egg contains  collagen that protect your skin your harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, prevents wrinkles and retain moisture.

The above reasons are enough to convince you of the importance of consuming an egg white every morning if you want to remain healthy and fit.

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