Most Effective Ways To Keep Bones Healthy

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An aging body demands more care. It is bones that are affected the most. Out of the many degenerative disorders, it is arthritis that is most common and quite troublesome. It mostly affects women more than men and, in fact, the current lifestyle has also seen a gradual shift of youngsters that are developing arthritis quite easily. Regardless, arthritis – that is of multiple kinds – is deaded because most of its types are incurable. However, there is for certain a bundle of natural remedies that can help relieve your joint, tendon, muscle, and arthritis pain.

The degeneration and inflammation in arthritis are accompanied by a lot of troubles that include;

Acute stiffness that might make the joints almost immoveable
Acute pain
A constant feeling of heaviness in the joints

Thus, your first focus should be on keeping the bones and joints healthy. And then comes the natural ways to offer relieve if you develop arthritis. The guide below will take you through all the remedies.

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Tips To Keep Bones Healthy

Bones require Calcium and calcium absorption depends upon Vitamin D. Thus, the first most important tip to take care of your bones is taking adequate measures to ensure that you do not suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Having said that, the next best ways to keep bones healthy are listed below.

Do not drink carbon-based aerated drinks
Limit the intake of soda and other artificial sweeteners
Perform weight-training exercises
Get your bone mineral density checked
Eat foods that contain healthy fats – like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin K and Vitamin C

How To Deal With Arthritis?

A poor lifestyle mostly results in bone degenerative disorders like arthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, about 31 million Americans are currently dealing with Osteoarthritis. If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis too, then the below-listed remedies will certainly help relieve your joint, tendon, muscle, and arthritis pain.

1. Essential Oils Massages

To begin with, massages like Swedish massage and deep tissue massage help in releasing muscular stiffness. Nevertheless, massages help in arthritis. Above all, if essential oils with anti-inflammatory benefits are used for massaging, then the effects are almost immediate. The best essential oils that help relieve the symptoms of arthritis include,

Lavender oil
Primrose oil
Sage oil
Eucalyptus oil
Basil oil

You can also add essential oils in a bath to get relief from muscular soreness and stiffness.

2. Heat and Cold Treatment

Whether it’s heat therapy or cold therapy, both are effective in arthritis. They numb the nerve ending; thereby, cutting all the sensation of pain and stiffness. It’s more like a therapy that offers immediate pain relief from arthritis. Constant repetitions every day reduce swelling and stiffness too.

You can always use ice or frozen peas for a cold compress and heating pads if you find heat therapy more comforting. Taking a cold shower or relaxing warm bath are also recommended for arthritic patients.

3. Diet And Weight Management

Keeping the diet clean – it means eating bone and joint supporting foods with anti-inflammatory benefits – help to relieve your joint, tendon, muscle, and arthritis pain. The best natural foods and supplements for arthritis include;

Seasonings like turmeric and herbs like garlic and ginger.
Foods like Broccoli, sweet potatoes, red and green peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and oranges.

Reducing weight, on the other hand, reduces pressure on bones and joints – that’s essential in relieving pain and swelling. According to a medical study, just 1 pound weight reduction reduces 4 pounds of weight from the knees.

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