Knowing All About Valtrex Preparation And Usage

Knowing All About Valtrex Preparation And Usage

Valtrex can be found on the market in different names manufactured and sold by different manufacturers. This is an antiviral agent that is typically effective to treat different types and forms of herpes such as herpes zoster or shingles, cold sores and genital herpes.

The preparation sold as Valtrex is primarily done by Valacyclovir that can be used for therapy and prophylaxis of herpes of various types. However, you should check the list of ingredients before you buy it to find whether it contains anything that you are sensitive to. 

On the other hand, if you choose to buy it from any online store, make sure that you check the reputation of the pharmacy before placing your order. Read the customer reviews as well as visit other neutral review sites to know more about the store.

Time to buy and use

Ideally, you should buy and use Valtrex or any of its generic form if you know for sure that the skin or genital inflammation that you are experiencing is caused by a herpes virus. If you are unsure it is best to consult your doctor. The doctor may prescribe this medicine for different other types of herpes that may not be known to you such as:

  • It can be prescribed for shingles or for infections of skin and it can also be prescribed for mucosa that is usually caused by herpes.
  • You may even have genital herpes or prophylaxis of herpes simplex outbreaks for which the doctor may prescribe this medicine as well.

At this point you should know that it is very important for you to understand that there are different diseases that may look much similar to herpes but actually have nothing to do with the herpes virus. For example:

  • If you experience itching or burning sensation in your genitals and even notice typical rashes in the area it may not signify that you have herpes infected genitals. 
  • There are also different other sexually transmitted diseases that may have the same symptoms as herpes but are actually not the specific disease. 

Apart from that, there are several instances when you may suffer from specific types of allergies due to reactions with specific products, ingredients, medicines and even the fabric of your underwear. Therefore, make sure to see your doctor to have a proper diagnosis before you order for this medicine.

Usage restrictions and relaxations

There are a few specific types of conditions that may restrict using Valacyclovir. Ideally, people suffering from hypersensitivity to acyclovir are recommended not to use this medicine. In addition to that, people who have had a kidney transplant or a bone marrow transplant must also avoid this medicine.

The doctors also suggest that people experiencing any renal function violation must use this medicine cautiously just as those who have been diagnosed with clinically stated types of HIV infection. Also, children are below 12 years of age must not use this at all because the efficacy of this medicine or its safety is not proven on children of this age.

As far as pregnant women concerned, though there is no substantial data regarding its safety, it can be used under supervision and that too if the expected benefits to the mother appears to be much more than the risks to the baby. 

During gestation and lactation this medicine can be used as there is no proof that the concentration of the ingredients used in this drug that penetrates into the breast milk is significant to the baby. Once again the benefits must outweigh the risks. 

Dosage and usage

When you buy Generic Valacyclovir from a reliable store like you must read the label first to know about the prescribed dosage for each condition and follow it to avoid overdosing yourself.

  • If you use it for shingles then the recommended dosage is 1000 mg that you need to take 3 times a day on a regular basis for seven days. 
  • If you use it to treat the infections caused by herpes simplex then you can take 500 mg of this medicine two times a day. If you have recurring infection then this treatment should be continued for 3 to 5 days. 
  • However, for first time infection that is very severe you must continue the course duration for five to ten days. 

It is important to note here that the treatment should start at the time of occurrence of the symptoms. On the other hand, if your infection recur then it is best to start the therapy at the prodromal period. You may also start right after the first symptoms appear.

  • If you are using this medicine for lip herpes the most effective dosage seems to be 2000 mg taken twice a day for one day. For best results you must take the second dose within 12 hours after you have taken the first dose. There is no need to use the medicine any further for this type of infection provided you start it right at the time when you experience itching, tingling or burning of your lips.
  • In order to suppress infection as well as reduce the number of relapses you can take 500 mg once a day if you have normal immunity but take oft twice a day 500 mg each time if you suffer from immunodeficiency such as HIV or AIDS.
  • In case of prophylaxis of cytomegalovirus, the recommended dosage is 2000 mg a day taken four times. Ideally, for the best results you must start the therapy right away after the transplant. 
  • In case of renal failure you must decrease the dosage according to the creatinine clearance. In such case the maximum duration for a course is 90 days but it can be extended for those patients who are especially at a higher level of risk.

In addition to that, if you want to prevent transferring the infection to your sexual partner you should have 500 mg of this drug once in a day if the number of outbreaks within a year is nine or less.

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